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The Dirt Cure: From Children's Health To Depression

November 19, 2019 Kriben Govender

soil and probiotics

I had the pleasure of speaking with Dr Maya Shetreat. She is a pediatric neurologist that applies integrative medicine in her practice. She looks at health from a whole-person perspective and digs deep at the root cause. In her practice, she works on physical, emotional, and spiritual health and does a lot of work with nature and the earth. Read on to learn about food sensitivities and how severe they can actually be, how to treat anxiety and depression, how nature impacts our well-being, and how you can encourage your children to eat a healthy diet!

Dr. Vincent Pedre on Happy Gut Lose Weight, Gain Energy, and Eliminate Pain

September 13, 2019 Kriben Govender

Happy Gut Health
I had the pleasure of speaking with Dr Vincent Pedre MD on his background and his book Happy Gut. We get into his protocol called C.A.R.E and what it entails, how he got into gut health, how meditation got him through medical school, and tips of how to get your gut health to its optimal level. Take away those inflammatory foods, pick up your gratitude journal, and read on.

Dr. Jack Kruse on Light and the Microbiome

September 10, 2019 Kriben Govender

nature and the microbiome

We have heard about diet and the microbiome. You are what you eat after all. What if there was something else that was not discussed as much? It turns out that light has a MAJOR effect on the gut microbiome. I had the pleasure of speaking with Neurosurgeon and Quantum Biology Theoretisist Dr Jack Kruse on light and the microbiome. He discussed with me that we are just at the tip of the iceberg with the gut microbiome research, how light affects depression, a new study on the Hazda tribe by Jeff Leech, and how you can help to improve your gut health with sunlight.

Five Ways to Beat the Winter Blues : Gut health is key- Nourishme Organics

May 21, 2018 Kriben Govender

Five Ways to beat the winter blues : Gut health is key