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Kefirko Cheese Maker (1.4 L) plus Recipe Book

Kefirko Cheese Maker Pink 1.4L

The Cheese making tool for every home cook!

Use your homemade kefir to prepare pure probiotic kefir cheese, with no cheese starters, rennet or additives necessary.  Suitable for the preparation of a variety of other artisanal cheeses. 



Kefirko Cheese Maker- Nourishme Organics 


Straining one batch of kefir made in Kefirko (600 ml - 20 oz) makes approximately 200-300g of soft kefir cream cheese. 

The longer the kefir strains, drier and thicker it becomes:

  • Few hours for a thicker kefir that can be used for dips. 
  •  Overnight for creamy cheese. 
  •  1-2 day to get semi-hard cheese

Flavour your cheese by adding dry or fresh fruit, nuts, herbs or spices of your choice. Choose your ingredients and prepare fresh cheese the way you like it.

Kefir cheese- Nourishmeorganics


Kefir cheese is not the only cheese you can make in Kefirko Cheese Maker. By using cheese additives and rennets you can prepare any cheese dish you desire. Why not try to prepare homemade mascarpone, mozzarella, greek yoghurt,...? 

cheese making- Nourishmeorganics

The Cheesemaker includes  a printed recipes book, full of ideas for tasty cheese meals.  The book includes:

  • 35 incredible cheese and whey recipes from 3 influencers.
  • Donna Schwenk – great influencer in the field of cultured food and best-selling author.
  • Marie-Claire Frederic – gastronomic journalist and best-selling culinary writer.
  • Urška Fartelj – blogger and keen advocate for homemade, seasonal, locally produced and traditional slovenian food.
  • Basic recipes for cream cheese, cottage cheese, mozzarella, ricotta, vegan cheese, etc.
  • Cheese dishes: noodles with cheese, salad with fresh cheese, cheese balls, kefir cheese quiche, potato gratin with kefir cheese, etc.
  • Desserts: kefir ice cream, fruit whey shake, kefir festive pie, pancakes, etc.

Cheese making recipes- Nourishmeorganics


It is made of BPA FREE materials!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Great product!

Loving my kefir cheese maker its so handy!

Thank you Sarah ...Great to hear you love your Kefirko Cheese maker
Kefirko Cheese Maker (1.4 lt)

Love, love, love all the products in this range. Enjoying making cheese in the Kefirko Cheesemaker. So simple, so brilliant!

Thank you so much Jennifer...glad you are enjoying the Kefirko range
So much fun

My cheesemaker arrived in perfect condition. Love the little recipe book too so many great ideas.
Making lots of cheese and dips.
So easy and simple. Mess free.
Love it.

Thank you so much Tris Glad you are enjoying your Cheese Maker
Great product!

Filters whey very good and easy to use. Love this product.

Thank you Anastasiya
Kefirko kefir maker and kefir cheese maker

***Two great, innovative products; easy to use and clever designs!!
***Great customer service also.

-With the kefir maker I have a constant supply of fresh kefir milk that is 100 times better and cheaper than the supermarket product.
-With the kefirko cheese maker I can turn excess kefir into a thick yogurt for smoothies, or to add to cereal, or I can strain it longer and make a firmer soft cheese.
***To be able to make a health product at home that is ACTUALLY very good for you- What more can you ask for???

Thank you so much Alex