Kefirko Kefir Maker Mega Kit (Kefir Maker + Packet of Fresh Kefir Grains + Premix)

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  The Kefirko Kefir Maker is elegantly designed to look beautiful on your bench top. With two different purpose-specific lids it enables easy, mess free kefir-making at home. Put the kefir grains in to...

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Milk Kefir GrainsMilk Kefir Grains
Water Kefir GrainsWater Kefir Grains
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The Kefirko Kefir Maker is elegantly designed to look beautiful on your bench top. With two different purpose-specific lids it enables easy, mess free kefir-making at home. Put the kefir grains in to water or milk of your choice according to type of grains you are using and allow the content to ferment for 24-48 hours.

The built-in strainer and airflow control enables optimal fermentation conditions and simplifies the procedure of separating the grains from the kefir. 

Ideal for making of milk kefir and water kefir

European Designed And Made

Jar Size: 848 ml


1x Kefirko, 1x swizzle stick, 1x printed booklet with 30+ recipes , 1x user manual, 1x squeezer

1 x Packet of Fresh Kefir Grains (Choose from Milk Grains or Water Kefir Grains)

1 x Packet of Kefir Growth Premix ( Milk Kefir Growth Premix or Water Kefir Growth Premix)

Available colours: 

White, Blue, Violet, Pink, Orange, Green

Made in Europe -  Lead Free Glass Base and BPA Free Plastic Lid 


*Please carefully select Milk kefir or Water kefir Grain and the colour you would like*



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Customer Reviews

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Milk kefir kit

Excellent service and speedy delivery by company. Thank you Kriben for taking your company and concept to market. I purchased your milk kefir package a few weeks ago to help with leaky gut issues. I was really at my wit's end in trying to solve this health issue. I had been to naturopaths, an acupuncturist, had a colonoscopy, been to my general GP. It just became a situation of being on a merry-go-round - time consuming and expensive. The internet in some respects can also be a massive rabbit hole. One thing I have learned is that it can create more problems if you "cherry pick" possible solutions. In any case, I came across Kriben's company by "accident" while doing other unrelated research. Fortunately, I hit pay dirt! Therefore, making the milk kefir is an easy process and I have recommended the company and product to to others, here in Australia and overseas. Unfortunately, the pre-mix did not work for me when I used a tablespoon as part of the fermentation process. My stomach just became very bloated. I decided to use inulin only (pre-biotic) - 1 teaspoon only (which is part of the pre-mix) and bought this separately from a Health Food shop. I use the inulin when mixing up yoghurt and hemp seeds. Unfortunately, I decided to throw out the pre-mix. I also use milk kefir and some plant medicine now to assist in my gut issues. I'm adopting an wholistic approach ...kefir + plant medicine + really ramping up my health lifestyle (eg. food, exercise, no alcohol). It's been a positive process and I am slowly seeing results. I would recommend that Kriben upload a Q&A re using the milk kefir products in response to those questions raised by NourishMe clients. For instance, how to "clean" scoby; how to store scoby when not in use etc, etc. For me, I tend to rinse the scoby with fresh milk in a large mesh strainer before using it again in a fresh batch. I have found that using a large mesh strainer helps to drain the unwanted milk much quicker ...just shake the leftover milky substance (even if it has curdled) around until the scoby is left. It is much easier than using the strainer provided with the milk kefir jar. Hope this feedback helps. Thank you again Kriben. Good luck to all those others with their kefir / gut issues journey. Missy K

Thank you so much Missy. We appreciate you taking the time to write this comprehensive review on Milk kefir. Sounds like you have adjusted the process to suit your own circumstances with is great because gut health is extremely personalised. We will take all your suggestion on board and provide more information on Kefir maintenance and troubleshooting. We also have and ultimate guide here:

So happy

Thank you for providing quality product and fast service.

Thank you Tina...our pleasure

Fabulous purchase

I have been enjoying home made kefir every morning and highly recommend this product

Awesome Mik... glad you love our Kefir


Very happy with purchase

Thank you Tracey

Worth it.

Would definitely encourage people if your thinking about purchasing just go ahead and do it. The kefir grains are working well and I am already feeling better for it.

Thank you so much glad you are feeling the benefits