Provenir Premium Grass-fed Beef Box (6.2kg)

$199.00 AUD

A variety, of Free Range, Grass-fed Beef including premium steaks, artisan cuts, BBQ cuts, roasts and beef mince direct from Farmer to your home. 100% Australian Beef High Welfare Raised Grass-Fed...

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A variety, of Free Range, Grass-fed Beef including premium steaks, artisan cuts, BBQ cuts, roasts and beef mince direct from Farmer to your home.

  • 100% Australian Beef
  • High Welfare Raised
  • Grass-Fed and Free Range
  • Purity: Free from Antibiotics, Hormones & Chemicals
  • Exceptional Eating Quality- 2019 Gold Medal Winner at Australian Food Awards
  • Sustainable
  • Free shipping from Farmer Directly to your home

Why Provenir?

Provenir was founded in 2017 on the belief that the best quality meat comes from livestock that are raised to the highest of welfare standards, right up to the very end.


Until now, all livestock processed in Australia was done so at a fixed abattoir, often after live transport over long distances and experiencing an unfamiliar environment.  In our view this system is flawed in that livestock are put through the unnecessary stress prior to processing. This is not only bad for animal welfare and our farmers, it can also negatively affect the eating quality of the meat. The founders of Provenir we knew there had to be a better way. Better for farmers, better for the livestock, and better eating qualities of the meat.


Our solution is simple – highest welfare, mobile on-farm processing.  So, instead of the animal being transported to abattoir; the abattoir comes to the farm.Eliminating unnecessary stress on livestock associated with live transport to the processors, our unique on-farm processing improves animal welfare and produces meat of exceptional quality, taste and tenderness. 


Our Beef 

When you eat Provenir meat you’ll feel good knowing that you’re supporting our Australian farmers and choosing highest animal welfare.

Beyond feeling good about what you eat however, our belief that stress can negatively affect meat quality is backed by science.

“Every animal has a certain amount of energy contained in its muscles in the form of glycogen. Once the animal has died, the muscle glycogen is converted to lactic acid that causes the pH to fall. If there is not enough glycogen available in the animal at the time of slaughter, insufficient lactic acid will be produced and the pH will remain high, resulting in dark cutting meat*.” – Meat and Livestock Australia

*Dark cutting meat refers to meat with a coarse texture which loses a lot of moisture during cooking, it is tougher and has a reduced shelf life.

Less stress means less adrenalin produced, and thus more retained glycogen stores in the meat, leading to better eating quality, taste and tenderness.


High Welfare Raised

Provenir farmers utilise low stress handling techniques and raise their livestock on open pastures within a familiar herd structure; allowing the animals to express their natural character.


Processed on-farm

Instead of the livestock being transported, the abattoir comes to the farm. Eliminates unnecessary stress on animals associated with live transport. Less stress means less adrenalin produced, and thus more retained glycogen stores in the meat, leading to exceptional eating quality, taste and tenderness.


Full traceability & true provenance

Provenir oversees the whole operation from purchasing livestock on farm direct from our partnering farmers, to the on-farm processing, into our butchery and on to you. By processing on-farm and utilising the latest in digital traceability technology we are able provide full transparency and guaranteed provenance.


Grass-fed & free range

Provenir partners with farmers who raise their livestock free range and grass-fed.
For cattle this means they are fed on natural grasses, pasture, hay or silage.


Exceptional eating quality

Our on-farm process and artisan butchery techniques ensures that the quality of the meat is retained and maximised throughout the whole process. 


No added hormones, herd antibiotics, or intensive feedlots

Provenir farmers raise their livestock naturally: they do not feedlot, nor do they add hormones or antibiotics to the feed as growth promoters.


What's Included:

  • 2 x Grass-fed Porterhouse Steaks or Scotch Fillets (600g total)
  • 2 x Grass-fed Rump Steaks (900g total)
  • 1 x Grass-fed Rump Fillet (Pichyna) or Trip Tip (500g)
  • 1 x Grass-fed Beef Kebab Skewers (500g)
  • 1 x Grass-fed Beef Stir fry Strips or Diced Beef (500g)
  • 1 x Grass-fed Beef Roast (Topside or Bolar or Brisket) (1.2kg)
  • 4 x 500g Grass-fed Regular Beef Mince (2kg total)


Delivery Zone

Melbourne (see delivery zone below)

Provenir Delivery map 



Our fresh meat is shipped via cold transport and will be delivered with chiller packs in the box, 5-10 days from order.

Please include any special shipping directions in the "Special instructions for seller" field at checkout. (eg. leave at front door if not at home) 

Our team at Provenir will be in contact via email to confirm your order, arrange a delivery date, and secure delivery. 
Shipping & Delivery
We offer free shipping for Australia and New Zealand orders over $200. International shipping also available.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Mary M. (Melbourne, AU)
Beautiful Beef

I was absolutely thrilled with my delivery of Provenir Grass Fed Beef.
I am a very tough task master, 40+ years whole food chef and my own organic farm and onfarm butchered animals, I wasn’t dissappointed 👍
The meat was beautifully and hygienically packaged and every cut from tender well aged steak to delicious braising beef. Exceptionally good value on top of being good for you. I can’t wait to order again 🥰🥰🥰👍

Thank you so much glad you enjoyed your Grass Fed Beef pack

Corrie F. (Richmond, AU)
Grass feed beef box

Came all prepackaged, and labelled. What I didn’t need for the week I put in freezer

Awesome Corrie

sharyn r. (Armadale, AU)
The bolar blade was delish!

We cooked it according to the recommendation on the family farm website - slow cooked with potatoes with tomatoe and onions in beef broth. The meet was so tender and ‘pull apart’
Looking forward to the rest of the meat pack !!

Awesome happy that you are enjoying

Mai D. (Glen Iris, AU)
Provenir Premium Grass-fed Beef Box

The Provenir Premium Grass-fed Beef Box is by far some of the best meat I have tasted for some time. Fresh and clean tasting, much the same as organic meat that I sometimes buy. Thank you!

Glad you enjoyed Mai

Maryanne C. (Melbourne, AU)

Very happy with the quality

Great to hear Maryanne