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Better Sleep, Better Health Melatonin is a hormone naturally made by the body and its secreted in the pineal gland. This hormone tells the body when it is time to head...

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Better Sleep, Better Health

Melatonin is a hormone naturally made by the body and its secreted in the pineal gland. This hormone tells the body when it is time to head to bed.

Poor sleep can take its toll on anyone, and when it goes un-remedied for some time can have all sorts of detrimental ramifications. Our bodies work best when they’ve had a full and consistent night’s sleep. When you start the day well rested from the day before, you’re able to reset and begin each day with newfound energy and vigour. 

Often people who work through the night in occupations that require night shifts such as paramedics, nurses, doctors, and hospital staff, airline staff or even road workers, find it difficult to switch off and get into a deep and soothing slumber. Blue light can also be detrimental to our ability to go to sleep - with many of us guilty of having too much technology or screen time at night, on our smartphones, computers, or TVs. Jet lag, travel and changing time zones are another cause of losing one’s sleep rhythm.

And further to all of these, daily life juggles of busy schedules and racing minds during busy phases at work or during exams, it’s a common feeling to find it difficult to quieten the mind and slip into a deep and restful sleep. Throw a couple of sick or waking kids in the mix and you can almost certainly say goodbye to the solid 8hrs we’d like to be getting each night. 

Finding your body’s circadian rhythm can sometimes seem difficult, and it’s best to look for a natural solution that won’t have heavy side effects.


Melatonin may regulate immunity; the stress response and some aspects of the ageing processClinically; melatonin has been used in rhythm disturbances and sleep disorders. It may help relieve insomnia and help improve general wellbeing.

Ingredients & Excipients

Each tablet contains melatonin in homeopathic preparation 3mg 5x which means the starting quantity for the 5x homeopathic preparation is 3mg. The melatonin used in this product is synthetic; non-animal sources. The product does not contain yeast; gluten; lactose or artificial colours or preservatives.

Direction for Use

Adult only: 3 tablets half an hour before bedtime for relief of insomnia or 2 tablets per day for general wellbeing.


If symptoms persist consult your doctor. Not recommended for pregnant women.

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Customer Reviews

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Benjamin. (Adelaide, AU)
Excellent product

Amazing product. Has helped enormously with going to sleep and staying asleep. Was subsisting on 4-6 hours of sleep a night, and since using this Melatonin I have enjoyed my first generally consistent run of ~8 hours sleep for a whole week. Would definitely recommend. Only thing I would say is don't assume you have to take 3 tablets as the label suggests. I found 3 was too much and was actually counter productive; 1, 1 & 1/2, or 2 tablets is perfect, depending on your personal requirements and the length and depth of desired sleep duration.

Wonderful Benjamin...cheers to a restful and rejuvenating sleep