Fresh Organic Heirloom Filmjolk Starter 30g

Fresh Organic Heirloom Flimjolk Starter - Nourishmeorganics

This product is made to order and suitable for expert fermenters. Please allow 3 days handling time.

What is Filmjolk?

Organic Filmjolk (Fil Mjölk) is a delicious, natural, fermented milk product that originates from Sweden. Filmjolk  has a clean and mild flavor, similar to cultured buttermilk.  It is so simple to make with our fresh Heirloom Filmjolk starter. No special equipment is needed. 

Your fresh Filmjolk starter may look quite thin from it's time in transit, but the cultures are active and after a few batches your Filmjolk will be creamy and smooth. Filmjolk culture is a mixture micro-organisms living in a dynamic balance to offer you years of economic culturing. Since your fresh FilMjölk is a live active culture, it needs to be nourished as soon as possible according to the instructions provided here.


  • IMPORTANT: We only ship Filmjolk on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday so that they do not remain in transit via Australia Post over the weekend
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
The Fermentation Process Worked

It didn’t taste like the Filmjolk I buy at the supermarket. The taste is stronger. I prefer a mild creamier taste.

Challenge to get going

I’m still struggling to get the filmjolk working well, it’s still pretty runny. But the flavour is great.

It is a Swedish product so good to keep its proper name.

Filmjolk has a tangy tart flavour, and is a little more runny than yoghurt. Reminds me a little of the yoghurt my mum made when I was young.