Complete Kombucha Brewing Kit 5L

Kombucha making kit

Kombucha is an effervescent, tangy tea that’s both delicious and good for you. It’s made by fermenting sweetened tea using a kombucha culture, which ‘digests’ the sugar in the tea, thus generating the wealth of vitamins, anti-oxidants, short chain fatty acids and probiotic yeast that makes it the nutrient-packed living drink it is.

You'll love our handmade ceramic Kombucha Kit designed specifically for simple kombucha brewing. It comes complete with a hand made cotton cover (allowing air to go in and out) and a tap valve that allows you to brew and store your own kombucha at home. The perfect vessels for Continuous Brew Kombucha and second fermentation.

Our Kombucha jars are 100% lead-free ceramic with a BPA-free plastic tap.

Kombucha Brewing Kit’s Contents:

  • 5L Handmade Kombucha brewing jar- Ceramic
  • Handmade Kombucha cotton cover
  • Instructions and ongoing support
  • 1 x 750ml Flip Tip Glass Bottle (for safe second ferments)
  • 1 x Organic Kombucha Starter Culture 
  • 1 x Organic Rapadura Sugar (200g)
  • 50 x Planet Organic Black Unbleached Tea Bags


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Customer Reviews

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Super easy

The kit arrived promptly and the instructions were easy to follow

Great to hear Michelle

Complete Kombucha Brewing Kit 5L

Thank you Sue
My kombucha kit

Looks great easy to use and tastes great add to that it’s good for you and why wouldn’t you give it a go. Buy the starter kit like I did and grow your own.

Thank you so much Michelle x
Great kit

Absolutely love being able to make Kombucha as good as the best being sold

Fantastic to hear Wesley..homemade is so much better for you

Complete Kombucha Brewing Kit 5L

Thank you Jay