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Hello and welcome to the world of gut health, wild fermented foods like kefir, kombucha and fermented vegetables.

Perhaps, you've just found out how important gut health is to overall wellbeing, including how you look and feel. Maybe you are someone who has struggled with digestive issues and is searching for a better way to treat your illness.

You've come to the right place. It can be daunting when you first start but rest assured, we are here to hold your hand on your journey to improve your digestive health, mood, skin and overall health by incorporating fermented foods. 

With Gratitude, Grace and Love,


Kriben Govender 

Food Scientist, MAIFST, RNutr, Founder of Nourishme Organics

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Kriben Govender






Starting Checklist

1) Join our free NourishmeOrganics Gut Health Gurus Community to be supported by more than 12,000+ fermentation enthusiasts Join Now

2) Download our free Gut Health Guide to begin healing and sealing the gut Download Here

3) We have one of Australia's Top-rated Australian Gut Health and Nutrition Podcast featuring health experts from around the world. Past guests include Dr Zach Bush, Dr Jack Kruse, Prof. Ted Dinan, Dr Vincent Pedre. Kiran Krishnan and many others.

Start listening to our podcast here:

4) Interested in Kefir? Check out our Ultimate Guide to Kefir. It is the most comprehensive, science-based information on Kefir including delicious recipes to try:

5) We have videos on how to make different types of fermented foods and much more.

Check out our free online videos  via Youtube here 

6) Discover your unique Microbiome using our Microbiome testing service

We offer cutting edge DNA based, whole-genome metagenomic stool microbiome analysis and personalised nutrition consultation for anyone interested in discovering the types of bacteria, yeast, fungi, parasites and metabolites in their gut so that diet and lifestyle can be tailored accordingly.

7) Attend our monthly Melbourne Gut Health and Fermentation Masterclass for beginners

or if you are outside of Melbourne you can  watch online here


8) Check out our free fermented foods recipes

9) Here is a list of beginner-friendly products which we have curated just for you. Step by Step instructions and ongoing support included.

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