VSL #3 Sachets 30 x 4.4g 132g - EXPRESS POST ONLY

VSL #3 Sachets 30 x 4.4g 132g   - EXPRESS POST ONLY

VSL#3 is a food supplement containing a combination of eight different strains of live bacteria in a concentration of 450 billion bacteria per serving. It’s conveniently available in individual sachets and can be taken daily.

VSL#3 is a unique formulation internationally renowned and supported by 15 years of research and development with over 140 scientific papers published. This original formulation is specifically recommended in the Gastroenterological Society of Australia guidelines. 


Maltose, lactic acid bacteria and bi­fidobacteria blend, cornstarch and anti-caking agent (silicon dioxide).

A blend of Bacteria:
S. thermophilus L. acidophilus
B. breve L. plantarum
B. longum (reclassified as B. animalis subsp. lactis) L. paracasei
B. infantis (reclassified as B. animalis subsp. lactis) L. delbruekii ssp. Bulgaricus (reclassified as L. helveticus)


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