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Made all the difference to packing veggies into mason jar, very happy with the purchase.

Love it!

I didn’t realise how easy kefir was to make!
Great product, Fast shipping and awesome e-book.
Highly recommend.

yummy kombucha

brewed kombucha many years ago. I am so happy that I have started again. The scoby arrived healthy and with the reminder card of how to brew, I am into my third batch. My tummy loves it.


It make things lot easier in the Kefirko

Bowel Restore - Original Formulation - Unsweetened 500g

Great Brewing Kit

I absolutely love my new Mortier Pilon Kombucha Brewing Kit!
Not only is it a complete kit to get you started but with easy to follow & complete instructions on brewing successfully!
Made my first batch in no time & now my family is enjoying healthy, homemade Kombucha!

Kombucha jar

I absolutely love my kombucha jar so much easier to have a continuous brew

broccoli seeds

easy website to navigate and prompt service

Finally an MSM That Works.

I have tried several MSM products over the last 15 years. They all had a disgusting taste and no effect. I guess these were the ones made from petrol. I tried some capsules and they were the most useless supplement ever manufactured.

This recent purchase looks different and has almost no taste at all. I have been sneaking it into my 11 year old Chihuahua's drinking water and his skin rash has totally disappeared and my granddaughter asked if I had been giving him magic beans as his energy levels have suddenly increased.

I am still detoxing but am expecting remarkable results in the near future.


The kefir premix was expensive but worth the money. Just adding a small amount in a jar with the milk and grains has made a huge difference to the thickness and creaminess of the drink. I’ve learnt not to leave the kefir for 24 hours as it separates ... over fermenting. I advise any beginner to get the premix.


easy to add to anything really. non to little flavour. mixes fast with fluids.


Fast delivery and great customer service. I have been looking for glass weights for mason jars for ages - very happy to have found them.

Raw Organic Vegan Kombucha Scoby + Instruction E-Card


I love this item ... Very useful

FOS Inulin

great prices and very good delivery times, and communication, I will be back

6 Pack - High Pressure Clear Glass Second Fermentation Bottles with caps (330ml)


Producing great kombucha from the get go!

Broccoli sprout powder

The powder blends well in my smoothies and I don’t even notice the taste.

Kombucha success!

My Kombucha Scoby arrived a few days after I submitted my order. This was my first online order and I was very impressed with the quality of the products, and timeliness of the delivery.
I'd never see a Scoby before, but the instructions were extremely easy to follow.
The first batch was amazing - way better than store bought! We flavoured it with lemon and lime juice straight from our garden. I watched the video online and have now set up an ongoing supply.

Easily the best money I've spent in a long time

I absolutely love how easy it is to make my own healthy cream cheese with this product. Easily the best money I have spent in a really long time. Might need to buy a second one to keep up with demand.

Water Kefir Grains

I love my purchase so easy to make yummy fizzy summertime drinks that are good for you my grandkids love love love it