Low D- Deuterium Depleted Water (136ppm) 12 X 1.5L + Deuterium Depletion EBook

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 ✔️ INCREASE ENERGY LEVELS: Feeling tired, rundown and lacking energy? Try our Pure Deuterium Depleted Water to optimise your mitochondrial energy production ✔️ PURE GLACIAL SPRING WATER: Our water is sourced...

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 ✔️ INCREASE ENERGY LEVELS: Feeling tired, rundown and lacking energy? Try our Pure Deuterium Depleted Water to optimise your mitochondrial energy production

✔️ PURE GLACIAL SPRING WATER: Our water is sourced from a glacier in Canada and has the lowest naturally low deuterium level, independently test at 136PPM

✔️ CLEAN, LIGHT, REFRESHING TASTE: You can taste the purity of our water

✔️ NO NASTY CHEMICALS: Our water is independently tested to be free from Glyphosate, Chlorine, Fluoride, Arsenic, Heavy Metals, BPA

✔️ AFFORDABLE FOR EVERYDAY USE: Drink our DDW everyday for optimal energy and it won’t break your bank account 

What is Deuterium and Why Does it Matter?

Deuterium is a stable isotope of hydrogen with an atomic mass two times as much as hydrogen. Therefore deuterium is commonly referred to as heavy hydrogen and can interact in chemical reactions in place of regular hydrogen.

Deuterium is naturally occurring in nature and helps organisms like bacteria, flies and young animals (including human babies) grow faster.

In humans, as we reach biological maturity, excess amounts of environmental deuterium from food and water can make you age faster and may contribute to diseases like cancer, obesity, diabetes and depression. Excess deuterium may be disruptive to your energy-producing mitochondria and all three-dimensional structures in the body like enzymes, proteins and DNA. 

The body has natural mechanisms to deplete deuterium from your body, one being a healthy gut microbiome.

Unfortunately, the location you live in, poor water, quality, environmental pollution and poor diet and lifestyle choices may cause excess accumulation of deuterium in your body. This may impede your ability to effectively deplete deuterium leading to sickness, accelerated ageing, the inefficient function of organs, enzymes and a lack of energy.

Australian Water has one of the highest deuterium levels in the world at approximately 154ppm, very close to seawater at 156 ppm.

Deuterium Content of Water Samples*

Water Source Deuterium Content (PPM)
Happy Hippy Lemon Lime Bitter

Sea Water 155
Cocobella Coconut Water 


Melbourne tap water


Remedy Kombucha Ginger Lemon


Distilled Water


Aqua Pura (Reverse Osmosis)




San Pelligrino








Low D 136
Preventa 25


Deuterium Content of Food Samples*

Food Source Deuterium Content (PPM)
Soluble Corn Fibres 155
Wheat Flour 150
Eggs 146
Beet Sugar 146
White Sugar  146
Corn 145
Sorghum 144
Potato 143
Cabbage 142.5
Wheat 142
Carrot  142
Oats 141
Beetroot 138
Pork Meat 138
Beef Meat 138
Chicken Meat 137
Sodium Caseinate  137
Spinach 136
Cottage Cheese 136
Cocoa Butter 132
Peanut Butter 131
Olive Oil 130
Sunflower Oil 130
Butter 124
Beef Fat 121
Pork Fat (Bacon) 118
Palm Kernel Oil 117
Lard 116
Capsaicin (Chillies) 65 to 120


* Deuterium content of food and water samples courtesy of Dr Gabor Somlyai, Dr Lazlo Boros and Allele Microbiome


What is the Solution?

One of the highest exposure to deuterium comes from your water and food. To assist your body to naturally deplete deuterium, experts recommend choosing water and food sources with a depleted deuterium content.

Deuterium can be depleted in the body by drinking deuterium depleted water and following a ketogenic diet.

Low D is an affordable source of Deuterium Depleted Water for Optimal Mitochondrial Function - "POWER TO YOU"


Why Low D - Deuterium Depleted Water

Key Features:

  • Affordable
  • Deuterium Depleted Water- 136 ppm
  • Pure Glacial Spring Water
  • The Cleanest Water for Fermenting Water Kefir and Kombucha
  • Alkaline
  • Fluoride Free
  • Chlorine Free
  • Glyphosate Free
  • Arsenic Free
  • Heavy Metal Free
  • Kosher Certified
  • NSF Certified
  • BPA Free bottle
  • 100% Recyclable Packaging

Product of Canada 

Typical Analysis 

 Parameter Result (mg/L)
Dissolved Solids 36
Fluoride 0
Calcium 9.3
Magnesium 0.9
Sulphate 6.6
Arsenic 0
Bicarbonate 28
Potassium 0.5
Copper 0.001
Lead 0
Nitrogen 0
Chloride 0
Sodium 1.3
Deuterium 136 ppm
pH 7.2


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Link to Studies:

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Deuterium Depletion and Ageing 

Deuterium Depleted Water and Reduction in Triglycerides and Cholesterol

Anticancer Effect of Deuterium Depleted Water

Deuterium Depleted Water and Protection from DNA Damage

Deuterium Depletion and Athletic Performance


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