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Nourishme Organics Reviews

Nourishme Organics Customer Reviews
Based on 6041 reviews
very good

i just received it took a while 2nd day use excellent product i would recomend it surely

Amazing Product!

Excellent, high quality product, from a great company.

Thank you so much for your kind support Loz

Creamy yummy yoghurt

First time I’ve used the pure probiotic yoghurt culture, great success, easy to use made the best yoghurt I’ve tasted

Thank you so much Lynda...wonderful result

Lumi Sleep+ Light Bulb
Sean R. (Sydney, AU)

I got this for me and the mrs to f**k under.
Very nice.

Thank you for your feedback Sean

Complete Sourdough Making Kit
David B. (Melbourne, AU)

The mother culture is bubbly and alive. Making in Dutch oven the loaf. The taste and texture of the bread is delicious. Easy to use and easy to keep mother. Looking forward to a long relationship.

Beautiful looking Sourdough loaves David

Great grains , super fast delivery!

Thank you Maureen...happy kefir making!!!

very helpful prebiotic

This prebiotic improves my mood everyday after I take it and it is a great fibre to take along with other prebiotics.

Wonderful result Jeanette...glad to hear about mood improvement benefits of PHGG

Preventa 25 DDW

Too soon to notice any benefits. The packing carton was too big for its contents and did not hold the contents firmly. The contents weren't damaged but could have been. The carton was damaged and there was insufficient filler to hold the contents. The water tastes good.

Thank you for your feedback Lester...we will pass on to our team to make improvements to packaging


Histamine friendly probiotic, has definitely helped my gut health :)

Wonderful news Teagan

BodyBio Sodium Butyrate - 100 caps
Tegan P. (Maitland, AU)

Taking these to help with histamine intolerance, so far so good. Love being able to get all my gut healing supplements in one place, always fast delivery too :)

Thank you for your kind support Tegan

Love this

So easy to put in your coffee everyday and it is really helping my gut health. I Definitely notice when I run out

Thank you Teagan...great to hear

Do not fit regular mason jars
Waste of money

Thank you for your feedback Kali...this item fits Regular Mouth Ball Mason Jar.s Here is a size guide:


I absolutely love them I’ve made so much sprouts that I’m surprising myself and by no means I’m a green thumb , if u want to successfully grow sprouts then definitely get them , one of the best investments I’ve bought myself

Awesome Leah...we are so happy you are enjoying making your own sprouts

Great Product

This is the first time I have tried this product & so far it has been great. It has helped to improve my digestive issues such as heartburn & other symptoms. Recommend by a Naturopath, I am so glad I took her advice. And the product was delivered in a timely manner. I’m very happy.

We appreciate your kind feedback glad to hear you are enjoying the benefits of PHGG

Milk kefir grains

Have been making delicious kefir for my family with these grains ever since they arrived! :)
Thank you! Happy guts here! ;)

Awesome Kirsten...great to hear

Partially Hydrolysed Guar Gum (PHGG) - Sunfiber (FODMAP FRIENDLY) 200g

Thank you Genevieve

Didn't work for me.

After 5 days of milk changes, the brew acquired a strong chemical smell, not quite like paint thinners, but definitely not food-like. It may be due to the brew coming up near 40 degrees one cold night, close to the wood heater. Anyway, I threw it out, and went back to making yoghurt - that's harder to get wrong.
When I've finished the current renovations, and have more time to focus on other fiddly stuff, I may try again.

Hi Erik.. dried milk kefir grains take about 5 batches to activate. We recommend using fresh grains which are much easier to get right

Great product.

This product really helps my nails and I can notice a difference with my skin

Wonderful result Carol...thank you so much

Fermentation Bottles

These bottles are great! The 945ml is perfect for a small batch of kombucha, not leaking or loss of fizz in the second ferment. And they look great. Thanks again.

Thank you so much Ema...we are so glad you love your fermentation bottles

Going well

I haven’t seemed to have any adverse reactions from MegaSpore.
I followed the dosing instructions.
I was on antibiotics long term before taking these.
I have experienced a recurrence of my autoimmune issues (eczema & dry skin) from antibiotics.
Whilst taking MegaSpore after finishing my antibiotics my skin feels less dry, but I’m still suffering the eczema for the time being.
I’m on week 4 and I’m hoping things continue to improve.

Thank you so much Krystle for sharing your experience with us...we hope you continue to find relief using Megaspore

A teaspoon a day

I found the teaspoon 3x a day wasn't going well for me so changed to one teaspoon a day with my coffee and that seems to be better. I haven't felt well for a while being a year from chemo treatment but this seems to be helping me get at least my gut health a little better with time. Always quick with delivery and easy to order from, would definitely recommend.

Thank you so much Martin...wishing you a speedy recovery

Love this product!

So easy and convenient to use. The clean-up is also a breeze.

Appreciate your kind reviews does make the process of making kefir so easy

100% Pure Colostrum Powder 200g
Cayt (Melbourne, AU)
Works very well with milk kefir

Got this to boost my milk kefir. The grains thrive and multiply with this and it also tastes better.

Great to hear Cayt... it is indeed a great growth booster for kefir

Works very well

Was a bit worried it wouldn't work as delivery was delayed but they thrived and instructions were very easy. Got this for my fur babies to try as they can's have the standard milk kefir. The really enjoy it and I've noticed an instant improvement with their trips to the bathroom.

Thank you so much Cayt..wonderful result with your fur babies

Toilet Stool
ANCA T. (Clyde North, AU)
Toilet Stool

It has certainly improved things for me!

Great to hear Anca...thank you so much

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