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How to Make Fresh Organic Viili


• 30g Fresh Organic Viili Starter
• 2 X 250ml of milk (we recommend organic, goat or jersey cow milk like A2 milk) 


We do not recommend the use of raw milks as they can carry a heavy bacterial load that can compete with these dairy cultures, alter the taste and may kill the culture. We recommend a good quality pasteurised milk with no additives. (No UHT) When our customers, (especially those new to culturing) purchase our dairy cultures, we want them to have the greatest success as these can last indefinitely if properly cared for. If you choose to use raw milk at your own risk, please use a reputable source known for their cleanliness. 

This procedure makes starter for all future generations of Viili

  1. Place 2 teaspoons of the fresh Viili starter into each of two wide shallow bowls. With a spoon spread the viili around the bottom and part way up the sides of each bowl. Keep the remainder of Viili starter as a back up in the fridge.
  2. Add 1 cup of cold milk to each bowl. Cover the bowls with waxed paper or a saucer to keep out dust. 
  3. Place the bowls were the can stay undisturbed, an area with a 18 -24 C temperature range. In this temperature, it will take 24-30 hours to “set”. The very centre is the slowest to thicken and may remain a bit thinner than the rest. Up to 27 C is acceptable but at this temperature is may take as little as 12 hours and care should be taken to promptly refrigerate the finished culture to avoid souring. Do not use a yoghurt maker, as it is too hot and will kill the culture.

When you tip the bowls slightly and the viili is no longer liquid, then it is “set”. Refrigerate. Save about ¼ cup of the freshened viili into a new container with a lid and label it ‘viili starter’ and refrigerate. This is the new viili starter. Do not forget this step or you will not have a starter for next time. It is helpful to set the clean container near the spot where you are culturing so as not to forget. You may now enjoy eating the rest of the viili!

Start your new batch from step one using your reserved Viili starter culture.

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