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How to make Probiotic Yoghurt


How to Make Probiotic Yoghurt using a Nourishme Organics Complete Yoghurt Making Kit 


Before you begin it is important to wash the equipment and any utensils you use, in hot water and detergent. The danger of not thoroughly cleaning is that other microbes may overpower your starter culture and affect the quality of your yoghurt. 


2L Organic Cow or Goat Milk (Lactose Free Milk is not suitable) 
1 Packet Nourishme Organics Probiotic Yoghurt Starter Culture  


  • Measure Quantity
    Measure 2L of milk to fill your Luvele yogurt maker and pour into a large, clean saucepan.
  • Heat and hold the milk at 82° C (180° F) 
    Use a thermometer. Note, as you become more confident with heating milk to make yogurt you will be able to judge when the milk is nearing 82° C (180° F) because it will begin to swell and rise in the pot (just before it simmers). Hold the heat at this temperature for anywhere between 2 - 10 minutes. The longer the better. Holding the milk at this high temperature allows the milk proteins to denature which thickens the yogurt.
    Tip: It can be a challenge to hold the milk at a high temperature for so long. Don’t get too caught up on the precise temperature. If the milk accidentally simmers briefly, don’t panic – reduce the heat and continue. Use a wok ring (or something similar) to create a distance between the flame and pot or use a double boiler pot filled with boiling water. 
  • Cover the milk & let cool to below  42° C (107° F)
    It is fine if the milk cools down well below 42° or even goes cold, it just mustn't be too hot. Temperatures above 43° C will kill the starter culture. The perfect temperature range for making SCD diet yogurt is between 36° C (97° F) and 42° C (107° F). Tip: You can actively cool it by filling a sink, or bowl with cold water and setting the pot of heated milk in the cold water.

As the milk cools a layer of skin may form. Some SCD yoghurt recipes recommend taking this off. There is no harm leaving it in though. It does not produce lumpy yoghurt. NOTE: If you are using non-homogenised milk, the skin will include the cream, which is divine. You don't want to miss out on this!

  • Add the starter culture to the cooled milk and gently whisk it in for 5 minutes to thoroughly disperse.
    Each starter culture will come with different instructions. Please follow the instructions unique to your starter culture and use the amount specified. If you are using the Nourishme Organics Pure Probiotic Yoghurt Starter culture add a 1g sachet
  • Pour the inoculated milk into the yogurt making glass jar and put the lid firmly on.
    Place the glass yoghurt jar into your yogurt maker.  
  • Pour water slowly into the base.
    The water must not be filled over the ‘tall line’ indicated on the inside wall of the maker.
  • Place the cover lid on top. 
    The milk is now ready to begin fermentation.
  • Set the time & temperature.
    Use the digital control panel to set the temperature to 36° C (96.8° F), the time to 24-hours and then press ‘confirm’ to begin incubation.
  • After 24 hours the fermentation is complete.
    Condensation will have collected under the cover lid. Please take care removing it and allow the water to drip into the water bath, instead of your bench!
  • Switch the yogurt maker off and remove the yogurt jar.
    Straight from the maker the yogurt will be runny and warm.
    NOTE: Depending on the milk you used, there may be a layer of yellow cream on top of the yogurt. 
  • Pour the yogurt gently into the 4 pint mason jars and seal.
  • Place the jars in the fridge for at least 6 hours to chill and set.
    Be gentle with the warm yogurt and don’t stir it or else it won’t set in a perfect white mass. 



Why is your Probiotic Starter Culture more expensive than other products?

Our Probiotic Yoghurt Starter Culture contains clinically verified probiotic strains that are more expensive to produce. Additionally our Probiotic Yoghurt Starter is 100% pure bacteria and does not contain cheap fillers like Maltodextrin or Dextrose which can make up greater than 90% of like products. Alway check the label when making comparisons.


IMPORTANT: We only ship our yoghurt cultures on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (as item is stored refrigerated) so that they do not remain in transit via Australia Post over the weekend

Only suitable for use in a yoghurt maker 

Best Before can be extended to 2 years by storing frozen

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