Organic Water Kefir Growth Premix 150g

Organic Water Kefir Growth Premix 150g - NourishmeOrganics
Water Kefir Growth Booster with nutrients, scientifically tested to promote the growth of water kefir grains. Simply add 15g of water kefir growth premix to water kefir grains per 500 ml batch during the fermentation process without needing to add anything else. Water kefir Growth Premix improves the essential mineral content of your probiotic water kefir to provide additional health benefits.
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Organic Water Kefir Growth Premix 150g

Provides ease and grace in preparation

With both water and milk Kefir you get into a 'rhythm' every 48 hours or so. Frankly, some days can be a time squeeze even for this small delicate task. Or I'm away and grains don't get the love and care they need in that timely moment so I'll rest them in the fridge with the premix. The growth premix makes the prep work so easy when time poor and also provides 'grace' in keeping the grains growing (sometimes more than tripling in size), maintaining their health. Good to keep a packet in the cupboard for back up. Worth every cent!

Organic Water Kefir Pre Growth Mix

This product has worked really well for me both restoring tired grains and holding grains in the refrigerator for at least 2.5 months. I had some water kefir grains stored in a water based solution with growth premix in the refrigerator from 5th May 17 and they were some what active in fridge. They were still in this slightly active state in fridge when I went away on 7/6/17. I transferred them and their liquid to a new fresh restoration solution on the 6/7/17 and left them in the fridge again until the 26/6/17.
On the 26th June I strained them and put the grains in a new solution of growth premix. By the second brew the grains were back making good water Kefir after nearly 8 weeks in fridge. Some of that holding brew are still there in the fridge that same solution and I'll bet that they would still be viable and good to start a new batch after 11.5 weeks.

Great for a beginner

Using the starter premix, I was able to successfully produce my first water kefir product, and grow my grains for the next batch.Highly recommend this to anyone new to kefir fermentation.

Great product!!

Great product and easy to maintain. Thank you Nourish me!