1 tsp. (5g) organic almond milk kefir grains as purchased

250 ml organic almond milk

1 organic fig or date

1 X 950 mL Ball Mason Jar or Kefir Maker (Optional)

1 X Ball Mason Fermenting Lid or 1 X Pickle Pipe (Optional) 


*Start fermenting as soon as you received your grains. It takes a few batches for grains to acclimatise to your environment and consistency is the key to success. 

1) Add almond milk kefir grains to a Ball Mason Jar or Kefirko Kefir Maker.

2) Pour 250ml organic almond milk over grains, add 1 fig or date and cover the mouth of your bottle with a clean tea towel or cheesecloth, securing it with a rubber band.

3) Place in a warm spot to ferment for 7-10 hours.

4) Then close lid of your kefir maker or mason jar and ferment in a refrigerator for a further 48 hours.

5) Strain grains out using a sieve or simple pour out through inbuilt strainer on Kefir Maker. At this point, the almond milk kefir can be consumed. Once ready almond milk kefir can be stored in a refrigerator for 2 weeks.

6) Use strained grains to start a fresh batch as per step 1


We would recommend starting with with a tablespoon and working up to 1 cup per day.

Storage of Almond Milk Kefir Grains

For long-term storage, almond milk kefir grains can be store in a freezer for up to 2 years. After freezing, almond milk kefir grain may take up to 4 batches before returning to original potency.

**Advisory Statement

All fermented foods may contain trace amounts of alcohol.  If fermented foods are being prepared for children, breastfeeding mothers, or pregnant women please seek medical advice from a trained medical practitioner before consuming these products.  

To keep alcohol as low as possible, make sure that:
- consume within 24 hours as alcohol content will increase over time in refrigerated storage