Gut Explorer Pro + (Microba Metagenomic Stool Testing + Gut Explorer Personalised Microbiome Consultation)

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  Personalised Microbiome Consultation using Cutting Edge Metagenomic Stool Testing by Microba (NATA and ISO15189 accredited Laboratory Analysis)   We offer a Personalised Microbiome Consultation using stool testing based on Whole-genome DNA sequencing. This consultation...

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Personalised Microbiome Consultation using Cutting Edge Metagenomic Stool Testing by Microba (NATA and ISO15189 accredited Laboratory Analysis)  

We offer a Personalised Microbiome Consultation using stool testing based on Whole-genome DNA sequencing. This consultation is for anyone interested in discovering their Microbiome: the types of bacteria, yeast, fungi, parasites, and metabolites in their gut so that diet and lifestyle can be tailored accordingly.

This information can be used for general well-being, sports performance, and quality of life. We offer comprehensive diet, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations based on your unique microbiome.

Th Microba sampling kit contains everything you need to hygienically collect your stool sample including a tube containing an additive that maintains the integrity of the microbial DNA. A postage-paid return satchel is included for Australian customers. The sample is then analysed in Microba's world-leading, state-of-the-art laboratory.


Microba extracts the microbial DNA from your stool sample. Then, discover and quantify the groups of bacteria, yeast and fungi, parasites, and gut metabolites present in your gut. 


A comprehensive report overview accessible via The Microba online portal highlights key information about your personal gut microbiome, such as:

How your microbial community compares to others: You can compare your results with a healthy group.

The diversity of your microbiome: diversity is a measure of how many different microorganisms are present and how evenly distributed those microorganisms are. Average to high microbial diversity is associated with good health.

Key insights: A comprehensive outline of your unique microbiome features. These insights provide information about the levels of selected bacterial species and the potential of your microbiome to produce key compounds that have been linked to health.

Food ideas for your gut microbiome: Personalised dietary suggestions to promote the growth of beneficial bacteria. The interactive shopping list can tell you more about each food and its prebiotic content, and lets you exclude foods containing certain food components which you may be avoiding due to allergy or intolerance.


Using Microba's unique metagenomic sequencing methods and the expert analysis of their scientists, we create personalised recommendations:

Your Microbiome Profile: The members of your bacterial community, viewable as an interactive diagram or a comprehensive list, and the abundance of each bacterial species. There are detailed descriptions of each species and what is known about them, and you can also search for bacteria commonly used as probiotics.

Important Species: Clear identification of potentially beneficial or problematic bacteria that have been associated with health or disease in the scientific research

Microbial Metabolites: The potential of your microbiome to produce and consume metabolites, such as GABA, B Vitamins, Vitamin K, Butyrate, Histamine, and Lipopolysaccharides, and details about their association with good and poor health outcomes.

Digestion Potential: The potential for each microbiome to digest food components such as carbohydrates, protein, simple sugars, and fat

Microbial Eukaryotes: The presence of key fungi and parasites, with easy-to-understand descriptions of each species

Questionnaire results: An overview of your answers to the food, mental health, and physical activity questionnaires. Your food results are compared with the recommendations of the Australian Dietary Guidelines.

Dietary Guidelines for your age and gender across the five food groups.

Throughout your report, you can compare your results in each section to the healthy group.

Follow Up

Once your report is ready you can book your complimentary Microba microbiome coaching and Personalised Microbiome sessions

Microba Microbiome Coaching to discuss your personalised results and insights, and ask any questions you may have. It is an opportunity to review your report with a qualified health professional and get a deeper understanding of your unique gut microbiome.

With hundreds of coach sessions completed, customers have found these sessions to be an important part of understanding their report and making an informed next choice in their unique journey. 

Gut Explorer Pro Personalised Microbiome Coaching to optimise your gut microbiome based on your microbiome composition, gut metabolites, microbiome digestion potential, food, physical health, and mental health questionnaires. 

What's included

  • Microba Sample collection kit and return postage
  •  Analysis in a NATA and ISO15189 Laboratory
  • Comprehensive Microba Report via an online portal available within 4 to 6 weeks of receiving a sample
  • 20-minute Microbiome Microba Coaching Session to discuss your results
  • 45-minute Gut Explorer Pro Personalised Microbiome Consultation to optimise your unique gut microbiome 
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Adam T. (Armadale, AU)

Delivered earlier than scheduled

<p></p><p>Thank you for your feedback Adam... you can take the test and send back whenever you are ready</p>

Susanne (Evandale, AU)
Gut explorer pro

Stool testing and report was excellent still waiting for my personalised nutrition consultation.

Thank you Susanne our team will be in touch to book your nutritional consult