Pure Koji Starter Culture 20g

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What is a Koji Starter

Koji starter or koji seed is the Aspergillus spores used to make koji.

Fermented foods such as miso, amazake (sweet sake), sake and soy sauce are made using koji.

This koji starter is made by a 300 years long-established producer "Hishiroku."

Is the best-suited koji starter for making koji at home.

The Chouhaku-kin variety is used, and its key features are it has long hyphae and low rate of browning reaction.

Because this variety of koji starter is hard to discolour it will maintain its white colour strongly and is best for making koji rice, amazake (sweet sake), white miso, and other white-coloured foods and drinks.

20g of this koji starter can be used to make 15kg of koji rice (dry weight)

How long is the shelf life of koji starter (koji seed)? How long can I keep it?

Six months refrigerated

How much koji starter should when making koji rice?

The amount of koji starter is about 1.3g-10g for 1kg of dry rice


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Good Product

Good product
Fast delivery, easy transaction

Thank you so much Denys

Super healthy Active Koji

Easily hydrated and active Koji...very fragrant and fruity Amazake..many thanks

Glad you love our Koji Simon


Im very happy with this product

Great to hear Owen


Pure Koji Starter Culture 20g

Thank you Billie- Jo

Fake Asian product

Literally sent me 2 plastic packets of something with no English on it at all... not organic, absolute lie. Then I complained and they took a week to reply and told me that I should return it to get a refund!! Don’t trust there products, they are not organic, they take crap cheap Asian products and stick it in pretty packaging. I have reported them to consumer affairs