1 tsp. (5g) Instant Organic Kefir starter culture as purchased 
500 ml Fresh Organic Milk (Preferably A2 or Jersey) or Coconut Milk or Almond Milk
15g of Milk Kefir Growth Premix or 5g of Pure Colostrum Powder (Optional)
100 g Fresh Organic Pure Double Cream (Optional)
1 X 950 mL Ball Mason Jar or Kefir Maker (Optional)

1) Bring 500ml of fresh organic milk to boil, cool to room temperature and pour into a clean Ball Mason Jar or Kefir Maker, along with 100g of fresh cream (optional)
2) If adding Milk Kefir Growth Booster or Colostrum, mix thoroughly in milk
3) Stir 1 packet (5g) of Instant Organic Kefir Starter Culture into milk
4) Place Ball Mason Fermenting Lid or Pickle Pipe on jar and seal tightly
5) Place Ball Mason jar in a dark, warm cupboard and culture for 24 – 36 hours at room temperature ideally around 18 to 20 degrees and then in a refrigerator for a further 12 hours to chill.
6) The Kefir is ready to drink when it has a smooth consistency, similar to thin yoghurt.
7) Collect half a glass of Kefir - this can be used as a starter the next 500ml batch. Repeat process up to 3 times to make 2.5L Kefir in total. 
8) Milk Kefir can be flavoured with honey and/or your favourite fruits and consumed immediately. 


We recommend starting with a tablespoon and working up to 1 cup per day.


Serving Suggestion

Serve Kefir with your favourite fruit and honey, or add to smoothies. Kefir can also be used to make salad dressing and ice-cream.


Organic Rice Flour, Kefir Culture


Kefir Starter culture must be storage refrigerated. Prepared kefir can be store in a refrigerator for up to 2 weeks.
Kefir Smoothie Recipe


1 organic banana
1 cup ice cubes
1 cup organic kefir
1) Crumble one smoothie bomb into a blender

2) Break banana into pieces and add to blender

3) Add ice and milk kefir to blender
4) Blend and serve