Organic Tempeh Starter Culture 10g

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What is Tempeh? 

Tempeh is a fermented plant-based, vegan protein—typically a cultured soybean cake or other types of legumes—that has been a staple in Indonesia for centuries. The fermentation process allows the proteins within the food to be more easily digested and degrades anti-nutrient compounds. In its finished form, tempeh can be baked, steamed or grilled.

Tempeh has prebiotic and probiotic properties.

  • Absorption: Eating fermented foods aids in the absorption of other nutrients.
  • Balance: Fermented foods help our guts balance the good bacteria with the not-so-good bacteria.
  • Digestion: Fermented foods help aid digestion.
  • Enzymes: Fermented foods are rich in enzymes, the building blocks of protein. Enzymes are the catalysts for breaking down food during digestion.

Usage: 10g of Organic Tempeh Starter Culture will make up to 10 kg of Organic Tempeh using Organic Non GMO Soybeans

Culture Composition: Rhizopus oligosporus

How to Make Tempeh

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Customer Reviews

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Fast arrival

Product arrived so quickly and came with comprehensive instructions on how to use. Very happy with purchase

Thank you Tess...happy Tempeh making

Really delicious tempeh!

We have been making tempeh regularly over the last 3 months with consistently amazing and tasty results. As long as the tempeh is kept in a warm environment, it takes about 48 hours for the mould to form (we cover them with a cloth and keep in a bright, sunny room). Also love the speedy delivery! Thank you!

Thank you Sarah...glad you are enjoying the tempeh making process


I greatly anticipated the arrival of my starter pack. What arrived was surprisingly insignificant, barely a teaspoon or more for total cost inc postage of over $20.
The soy beans were prepared, acidified, and the starter added. Everything was transferred to zip lock bags which were then punctured as instructed. The bags were carefully stored at an even temperature. Within four Days, there was little sign of the appropriate mould, and the stench was really bad. This was simply not edible, and had to go to the garbage. Rod Yates

Hi Rod, thank you for your feedback. Tempeh making is a tricky process and the most important part is maintaining the correct incubation temperature at 30 degrees throughout the process. Please get in touch with our team and we will send you another packet.


Organic Tempeh Starter Culture 10g

Thank you Joy

Culture club

Made my first batch of Tempeh using this culture. Turned out perfectly!!

Awesome Dave...we are so happy that your tempeh turned out great