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Preventa 25 deuterium-depleted drinking water

Preventa 25 deuterium-depleted drinking water

Certified Low Deuterium content: 25 ppm

Preventa 25 deuterium-depleted drinking water

Deuterium content: 25 ppm (53 mg/l HDO); 1.5 L

Mineral content: low in Sodium, Calcium-, and Magnesium-hydrogencarbonate

Carbon-dioxide: 4 g/l 

Available as a 6 pack or 12 pack.

Produced by HYD LLC. for Cancer Research and Drug Development


Link to Dilution Instructions for General Use


Links to Deuterium Depletion and Cancer Research


Deuterium depleted water effects on survival of lung cancer patients and expression of Kras, Bcl2, and Myc genes in mouse lung.


Anti-aging effects of deuterium depletion on Mn-induced toxicity in a C. elegans model.


Biological significance of naturally occurring deuterium: the antitumor effect of deuterium depletion


A retrospective evaluation of the effects of deuterium depleted water consumption on 4 patients with brain metastases from lung cancer


What to eat or what not to eat—that is still the question


Submolecular regulation of cell transformation by deuterium depleting water exchange reactions in the tricarboxylic acid substrate cycle


Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference for Cancer Metabolism and Therapy, October 13–15, 2017, Wenzhou, China



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Preventa 25 deuterium-depleted drinking water

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Preventa 25 deuterium-depleted drinking water

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