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Food and the Microbiome

Food and the Microbiome

In this video we discuss food and the gut microbiome. We cover some of the most important parts of gut health including: antibiotics, diet recommendations and how we develop our microbiome.

Topics covered:

- The importance of plant foods and our microbiome

- Fibre and short chain fatty acids e.g. butyrate

- What is Leaky Gut?

- The Rise of Modern Diseases like Diabetes, Cancer and Obesity

- Consequences of having an unbalanced microbiome

- How do you acquire your microbiome

- The impact of food xenobiotics and the microbiome

- The impact of antibiotics on the microbiome

- The importance of gut microbial diversity

- Time in nature and the impact on gut microbial diversity

- Gut Microbial Faecal Analysis


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