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The Benefits of Milk Kefir

The Benefits of Milk Kefir

In the latest instalment of our free Gut Health Masterclass series we talk about Milk Kefir in depth and from a scientific and evidence based perspective.  

- The history of Kefir?

- How to Make Kefir?

- The Benefits of Kefir

- How much Kefir to consume?

- Kefir vs Probiotic Pills

- Kefir and Depression

- Kefir and Skin Disorders

- Kefir and FODMAPS

- The best time to consume Kefir

- Cooking with Kefir?

- How much Probiotics in Kefir?

- How to scale up when your Kefir Grains multiply?

- How does Kefir suppress disease causing bacteria?


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  1. avatar Leanne Walker says:

    Hi Kriben, my son has cystic acne. Have you any suggestion to help his acne heal and also assist with scaring? Thanks Leanne

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