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The Crazy Side-effects of Drinking Kombucha

The Crazy Side-effects of Drinking Kombucha

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How often do we see side effects that come along with the health solutions that we seek out. Drinking fermented beverages such as kombucha has crazy side effects too, just not the ones that you would think of! The benefits are clear, drinking kombucha along with a healthy diet on a daily basis can have some profound side effects but unlike pharmaceutical, sleep, digestive and wellness aids, the side effects of kombucha are pretty overwhelmingly positive. Here are just some of the insights that you can find by drinking kombucha, questions that you wouldn’t ever think would be a thing.



Why Doesn’t My Stomach Hurt?

Kombucha tea specifically is known to have a ton of benefits for the stomach, mainly due to the fact that it inherently possesses powerful antibiotic properties and is effective as a prebiotic and probiotic. The drink is perhaps most popular for balancing out the beneficial and negative bacteria that rest in your digestion tract. Microorganisms that are known to cause stomach upset such as Heliocobacter pylori (H pylori) can be reduced with regular consumption.


Where Did All of This Energy Come From?

Cellular health is vital for the body to thrive. Thankfully, kombucha is an excellent source to recharge the body and is positive in promoting a healthy environment for cells to thrive. One such way that it does this is through reduction of pain. Kombucha tea can reduce pain from gastric ulcers as well as promote a stronger immune system. It has been known to be beneficial for reducing immune flare-ups due to the anti-inflammatory qualities of reducing gastrointestinal toxicity and the over stimulation of the immune system.


Why Can’t I Feel This Good All of the Time?

You can feel better more of the time when you incorporate kombucha into your diet because it contains glucosamine that boosts the body’s overall immunity, probiotic qualities which helps it to fight stomach bacteria and with some strains of Lactobacillus, which have even been shown to reduce eukaryotic toxicity. It also contains glucuronic acid which is known to be great for detoxification, reduces the effects of free-radicals, and other harmful properties such as pesticides and heavy metals. Plus, the anti-microbial effects of fermented beverages can help you to stave off a range of illnesses including those caused by the staphylococcus bacterial family.


Am I Going Crazy?

Some people are so used to being stressed that having a balanced mental state can be alarming at first. Who knew that a simple drink could reduce many depressive qualities? Kombucha drinkers report feeling joy, relaxation and happiness as a side effect of regular use. This could likely be because it is considered an adaptogen, which is a substance that balances the body to a normalised state and provides benefits to the entire body. Adaptogens are naturally high in antioxidants that reduce oxidative stress.


Who Knew Sleep Could Be That Good? 

Two things that you will likely notice when you begin drinking kombucha is that if you drink it in the morning you will feel vitalised without increasing caffeine intake. Some people find that they end up replacing morning coffee or tea, which means that they have even less amounts of caffeine in their regular diet. Combine this effect with the naturally stress reducing effects of the B-vitamins, which kombucha and other fermented beverages are high in, you are creating a natural sleep cycle restoration plan simply by drinking it on the regular. People report increased night time drowsiness and more restful sleep periods. You too will likely notice that you sleep better and more regularly, which will leave you wondering how you have been missing out on a good night’s rest for so long and scratching your head how you ever managed to sleep well before.


So, grab yourself a Kombucha Scoby and start your Kombucha journey with us.



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