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Frequently Ask Questions

My milk kefir is thin and runny and it is separating. Why is this happening and how can I fix this?

Making kefir is an artisanal craft, just like wine or cheese making. It does take practice to make the perfect kefir to suit your pallet but I can assure you that this is worth the time and effort. Most people like a thick kefir but to produce this consistence you need to cultivate the right mixture of probiotics and this does take time as your kefir grains acclimatise to their new environment and food source (the milk you are using)

In the meantime, thin milk kefir is fine to consume as long as it is sour and separation is a great sign that your grains are healthy and active. It will still provide the same health benefits as a thicker kefir. Simply add to smoothies for a delicious healthy probiotic treat. You can also strain out the whey (clear liquid in the bottom of jar) and consume as a fermented beverage or use to make fermented vegetables. The cottage cheese remaining will be thick and creamy and can be consumed as a yoghurt. Adding a teaspoon of honey will counter the sourness.

Separation is totally normal and happens as milk becomes sour. If your are getting major separation within 24 hours it's because the kefir is fermenting too quickly. We suggest that you add more milk when you stat a new batch or remove some of the grains when making the next batch. Try to maintain ratio of 1 teaspoon grains to 1 cup of milk.

Also, It might be warm in your home, during the summer months and this will make separation occur faster, so shortening the fermentation time will also assist.  Alternatively adding pure organic cream and colostrum powder to recipe prior to fermentation will naturally thicken your milk kefir giving is a rich creamy texture and reduce the amount of sourness. Our Milk Kefir growth booster will all help to product a thicker consistent kefir.

- Add more milk to your next batch or reduce amount of grains

- Shorten fermentation time to around 12 hours

- Add Pure Cream and colostrum powder to recipe 

- Add Milk Kefir Growth booster to recipe

- Give your Kefir Jar a shake every you walk pass


My Water Kefir or Coconut Water Kefir is not fizzy. How can I create more Fizz?

Making Water Kefir or Coconut kefir are also artisanal crafts just like making beer. Hence it does take some practice to perfect according to your pallet. The most effective way to generate fizz is to conduct a secondary ferment. After you make your initial batch of water or coconut water kefir, combine 1 part kefir to 1 part fruit juice of choice in a glass bottle. Cap tightly and leave in a warm spot to ferment for a further 2 to 7 days. Then refrigerate for 24 hours. Be careful when opening as a fair bit of carbon dioxide gas can be generated.  

Will product spoil during shipping?

Our Kefir and Kombucha are a robust symbiotic culture and will not spoil during shipping. To ensure maximum freshness we recommend the express shipping option. 

How is product packed and transported?

Product is packed in 2 bags, heat sealed (to protect against leakage) and shipped in a small satchel. All our probiotic cultures are transported as room temperature, as they have been for thousands of years. 

Packaging and labelling is minimal to reduce environmental impact. Also, order confirmation and instructions are provided electronically to minimise paper wastage. If you require printed instructions please let us know when placing your order. 

How long will it take for my product to be shipped and  delivered? 

Please allow 2 days for handling and packing

Shipping times:

Standard shipping - 3 to 10 days Australia Metro depending on location and is highly variable as per Australia Post Standard collection and delivery cycle.

Express Shipping- 1 to 3 days Australia Metro ( Very Fast and reliable service with Tracking. A reference number will be provided so you can track location of your parcel) 

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