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Durand Kombucha Jar 5L

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Stoneware is the perfect medium for brewing and storing your kombucha. Our jars are individually handmade on the potter's wheel from stoneware clay.  They have a 4 - 5 Litre capacity, designed to brew up to 4 Litres.

They are hand decorated and glazed with non-toxic glazes and then fired in our kiln to 1280 degrees Celsius. At this temperature the clay becomes vitrified and is turned to stone. The glaze turns to glass, unable to hold or leach any impurities. Unlike glass it will keep too much light from getting in to your brew, making it the perfect environment for your kombucha to grow.

Dimensions are approximately 22cm to 23cm high and 20cm to 22cm wide.

Jars come complete with a BPA free, Australian Made plastic tap, and specially designed, hand made cotton cover.

Our jars come with a tap so you are able to use the continuous fermentation process. This method allows you to dispense a daily amount of kombucha, topping it up with new tea as you go, as opposed to waiting each time. These jars can also be used to make individual batches if desired.

 Important Notes for Brewing Kombucha:

  • Some low fired ceramics which may contain lead in their glazes and it is important to never 
  • use low fired ceramics for brewing or storing kombucha, as the lead will leach into your brew.
  • No metals should not come in touch with kombucha do not use a metal container or tap. 
  • Do not boil your water or tea in aluminium pans.
  • Do not cover kombucha with a lid, only use a light muslin or cheesecloth material that you are able to breathe through. If the weave is to loose you may need to use a couple of layers. Use a rubber band or tie to hold the cloth over the jar.

Continuous Fermentation:

This method keeps the kombucha continually brewing in a jar. It allows you to dispense a daily amount and top up the mixture as you go as opposed to waiting for individual batches. After you have allowed the tea mixture to cool, pour it into your pottery jar. Add the mother tea and the kombucha culture. You will need a muslin cloth to cover the top of the jar and secure it with a rubber band to keep any insects from getting in. Allow it to brew for the desired time.

When ready dispense 10-30% of the tea and store the unused portion in the refrigerator. I would recommend taking only 10% of tea the first couple of times and add 10% of new tea to the jar. The tea in the jar will become stronger after this, and you can add 30% of new tea to the brew each time. For example a 6 litre brew will produce 1.8 litres of kombucha a day. Make sure you allow the new tea mixture to cool before adding. If you top up with new tea in the evening it will be ready by the next morning. If you are diabetic, or suffer from candida you will want to dispense the finished kombucha into bottle and allow to sit for a couple of nights before drinking.

Brewing Time in Kombucha Pot: 

The time will vary depending on the amount of mother tea, the temperature, etc. It is more important to go by the taste of the tea, making sure it tastes like cider and the sugar has been changed over. The first batch will take about 8-10 days. If you are diabetic you may want to wait about 14 days. During colder months you will need to add a couple more days and you may need to purchase a heated base to control the temperature.

Colours and Patterns

We currently have available white, oat, blue, black and turquoise (as seen in pictures)



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Tap fitting problems

Had some problems getting the tap to stop leaking, no matter how hard I tightened it, it still leaked. - sugar water everywhere! Silicone tape worked in the end, but I was lucky to have some around, and to be fairly handy. loving it now, but not looking forward to having to clean the tap

Kombucha jar

I absolutely love my kombucha jar so much easier to have a continuous brew

Kombucha 5L Jar

Purchased a continuous Kombucha 5L jar and it is fantastic. So much easier than having a couple of jars brewing Kombucha in the cupboard. So convenient.
Love it...

Kombucha love

I am so so happy with my kombucha pot , I have my second batch brewing and Nourishme has made it easy to do , ILOVE IT ALL , Thankyou so much

Excellent service

Great service and prompt delivery.
Kombucha is ready, bottled today and I am excited.
My scoby is forming beautifully on top.
Thank you