FIQ Recuperate IQ 60 capsules

Restore True Health Recuperate IQ was formulated to help those suffering from persistent fatigue through the replenishment of the key ingredient- copper. Following the principles of re: Your Fatigue and utilising the synergistic...

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Restore True Health

Recuperate IQ was formulated to help those suffering from persistent fatigue through the replenishment of the key ingredient- copper.

Following the principles of  [Cu] re: Your Fatigue and utilising the synergistic ingredients in Recuperate IQ will ensure that you obtain all of the vital minerals, vitamins and other nutrients required for optimal health and abundant energy, while also keeping iron and oxidative stress in proper check.

The ingredients in Recuperate IQ:

  • Enhance Copper Intake*
  • Support Cellular Health*
  • Promote Blood Health*
  • Reduce Inflammation*

This formulation of Recuperate IQ includes boron – an anti-inflammatory that helps to keep copper and iron in proper balance and is also a co-factor for magnesium absorption.*


Copper (as Bisglycinate Chelate), Beef Liver Powder, Spirulina, Turmeric Root Extract, Boron (as Bororganic Glycine)
Other ingredients: Gelatin capsule (bovine)



Take 1 capsule with food up to 2 times daily, or as directed by your healthcare professional. Each individual is different, and results will vary. Maintaining consistency on a daily basis is key to optimal results.*

Message from Recuperate IQ co-creator

Morley M. Robbins


Dated: 1 March 2023

I have long felt it is important to “do the right things!” That philosophy inspired the birth of the RCP (Root Cause Protocol) and the willingness to challenge the conventional narrative around what NOT to do (the STOPS…), and more importantly, what TO DO (the STARTS…) to restore natural homeostasis in human physiology.

And during the period of 2020-21, I became increasingly aware of the need to develop a Copper supplement. I knew that was the “right thing” to do, but I was also aware of the need to “do it right!” So Recuperate IQ represents the perfect blend of both philosophies! Mike Casey, Founder of FIQ Supplements, is a master formulator and we set out to craft a supplement that was a unique blend of Copper-rich foods, but also one that has an innovative form of Copper, CuBisglycinate.

What makes this form of Copper so special is that while many folks know about the dynamic of Cu (I) vs Cu (II), not as many know that the valence of Copper in CuBisglycinate is Cu (0). This valence of Copper is “neutral,” and as such, has immediate access to the cells, and is therefore uniquely Bioavailable. To combine that form of Copper with KNOWN foods that have historically been rich sources of Copper, Retinol and other nutrients, is the embodiment of our unified philosophy of “right things/done right” for this product. Dessicated beef liver, Spirulina, a pinch of Turmeric and 2mgs CuBisglycinate are a winning combination at a time when the world simply needs more Bioavailable Copper. 

And while I am immensely proud of this product’s design and intent, what fuels me the MOST is that it delivers the Cupro payload. It’s easy to swallow, has the requisite food & mineral components, and best of all, my clients are clearly benefiting from it’s design. At the end of the day, that is the ONLY reason that matters… I am deeply grateful to Mike for his understanding of the RCP, his passion to bring this product to life, and most importantly, his expertise to create a product that changes the Copper supplement paradigm.

Morley M. Robbins

Founder of the Root Cause Protocol
Co-creator of Recuperate IQ

Support your body’s natural ability to heal itself and recuperate*


Modern day health solutions that are anything but healthy

It’s often said that the road to hell is paved with good intentions…

It is no secret that over the past years we have witnessed an unparalleled amount of misinformation about the foods, nutrients, and the focus that our diet should take in ensuring our health and well-being. Due to our soil being devitalized over the last century, it is simply no longer possible for most people to improve their health through diet alone.

How your body makes energy: there is more to the story

Despite all of the complex mechanisms involved in the body’s production of energy, they can all accurately be distilled down into a three-step process.

  1. Hydrogen and oxygen combine to make water.
  2. Once produced, water enables the release of copper-dependent ADP (adenosine diphosphate) that get transformed into Mg-ATP (adenosine triphosphate) in another copper-dependent step in the mitochondria.
  3. An extremely crucial key that most doctors either do not know or fully understand is how copper, via ceruloplasmin, supports these metabolic processes and prevents iron from causing the oxidants thrown off by this process from rusting out the body’s tissues and organs.



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