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Have You Caught on To the Fermented Food Revival?

Have You Caught on To the Fermented Food Revival?

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Fermenting foods is an age-old practice, used for generations to preserve food in a time before coolers and refrigerators, it has been popular across the globe with each continent having its own form of popular fermenting processes. Different cultures have used a variety of additives, all with the same lasting effects. Over time people began to notice that there were other positives to fermentation other than just food preservation.

For example, Romans were known to eat sauerkraut because of the beneficial health benefits, ancient Indians enjoyed an appetiser like yogurt called lassi, which was known to ease stomach digestion. Across the globe, many cultures have cured cabbage, cucumbers, squash and other vegetables, either pickling into a fermented state or turning them into delicious chutneys, often spread on bread. 

Luckily, most of us now live in an age where fermented foods are easily available. Most western grocery stores provide either pre-mixed options ranging from kombucha to sauerkraut, so that no matter how you want it you can get it with ease. As popularity of the benefits grow, more and more health-conscious stores are likely to continue to carry these products as well.

The Modern Fermented Food Revival

The modern fermented food revival is mostly fuelled by health-conscious individuals who have championed health causes that they find important. Scientific research keeps being conducted on these foods, with positive results. One study that was published by Neurogastroenterology and Motility reported that mice with poor gut health were more likely to engage in what was considered risky behaviour. It could be considered enough that stomach health is strongly linked with how the brain processes thought patterns and affects a wide range of body mechanisms. Since fermented foods help to improve the gut, they can also do a lot more for your overall wellness.

Modern research has shown that along with the beneficial pre/probiotics that are contained within fermented foods, there are other benefits by using them than just to improving stomach health. Recent studies have proven that beverages such as kombucha and kefir can assist with positive gene expression, influencing over 100 genes in a productive way that helps to fight off disease.

Lose Weight Naturally

Modern lives have increased stress and access to food that is downright unhealthy for the body. This food can destroy a stomach, damaging the complete ecosystem of the body, starting with the stomach. A healthy gut is vital to processing food and people who work to improve their gut health by eating or drinking fermented foods will often find that weight loss is a pleasant side effect of including these food and drinks in their diets.

Autism Awareness Promotes Fermented Foods

With the argument of autism being a forefront concern for many parents these days, as awareness grows more people are turning to fermented foods. It is understood that if a healthy flora is established in the gut within the first month of birth, that a child’s immune system increases. Some proponents of anti-vaccination argue that developing a healthy immune system before injecting vaccinations into the baby’s system is vital for avoiding developmental delays that can be associated with autism and learning disabilities that are sometimes linked to vaccinations.

Cheers! To Your Health!

With the revival of fermentation, home brewing has also taken off. Once perhaps the domain of the hippie housewife, kombucha and kefir are both popular choices by the average suburbanite, hipster or new age thinking person. Professionals in all walks of life are catching on to the craze and as knowledge of the benefits spread, it’s a trend that is expected to keep on continuing.

Our store here includes many of the kits and starters that are needed to begin your own fermented food revival in your home. You can view our selection here. See the options available to you and catch on to the craze.


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