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Top 3 Benefits of Kombucha Backed by Science

Top 3 Benefits of Kombucha 2019

Benefits of Kombucha


Kombucha is the fermented tea beverage everyone is talk about. But what's all the fuss about?

Here's the low down based on what the science is saying.

1. Kombucha contains beneficial Acetobacter, Gluconobacter, Lactobacilli and Saccharomyces. Studies suggest the microbes found in Kombucha are effective against common food-borne pathogens (1)

😁These bacteria produce beneficial short-chain fatty acids including lactate, acetate as well as organic acids glucuronic and gluconic acid. Studies suggest that these metabolites may be prebiotic (food for good bacteria) or impact host health directly (1)😁
2. Kombucha may help to protect against cancer.
Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the world. Cancer occurs when abnormal cells grow in an uncontrolled way.😟
Test-tube studies have found kombucha to help prevent the growth and spread of cancerous cells. This is most likely due to its high concentration of tea polyphenols and antioxidants. 💚
The influence of Kombucha on cancer is not well known and further studies are needed.
3. Kombucha contains antioxidants.
Antioxidants are substances that fight free radicals. Free radicals are naturally occurring unstable atoms in the body. If left unchallenged, they may cause a wide range of illnesses and chronic diseases.
The antioxidant properties of Kombucha may help to fight off free radicals and to keep the body healthy.
Kombucha is incredibly easy to make at home. All you need is tea, sugar and a SCOBY. Making Kombucha is as simple as adding your SCOBY to tea that has been brewed and cooled and then letting them ferment for a week or so.🍵
You can even follow our continuous brew method for an overflowing and never ending supply of booch. Here you go:
💚You can find everything you need to make your own kombucha at home by visiting our website here:


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(1) Microbial Ecology of Fermented Vegetables and Non-Alcoholic Drinks and Current Knowledge on Their Impact on Human Health, Lavefav (2019)


Author: Kriben Govender

Food Scientist and Founder of Nourishme Organics



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