Ginger Ale

Ginger Ale

If you are looking for a healthier version of ginger ale, this is it! Combining ginger (which has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties) with water kefir (full of probiotics!) you have a perfect ginger ale recipe! It’s easy to make and tastes delicious. This recipe came to us from Nicky in the Gut Health Guru’s Facebook Group!


 - 2 liters of water

- 1 ½ cups of sugar

- 10cm knob of ginger

- 1 cup of water kefir (you can use this kit to make your own!)


  1. Grate the ginger, put it in the 2 liters of water and boil for 3 minutes
  2. Take off and mix in the sugar
  3. Let it cool and then add in the water kefir
  4. Leave it sit for 2-6 days (tasting often)
  5. Strain out (or leave in!) the ginger pieces then pour it into bottles and let it sit on the kitchen bench for 2 days (if you don’t drink it by then, put it in the refrigerator!)

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