Ginger Carrots

Delicious Fermented Carrots

If you are looking for a simple yet delicious carrot ferment this is it!. Adding spicy ginger and peppercorns it's a beautiful mix for on top of a salad or to eat by itself. This recipe came to us from Tanya in the Gut Health Guru’s Facebook Group!


- 3 carrots

- Ginger (to your liking)

- Peppercorns (to your liking)

- 1 tbsp of salt

- Optional: Fermentation kit


  1. Grate your carrots and ginger (to your taste) 
  2. Add the peppercorns and salt and pound it until liquid comes out and then bottle it!
  3. Ferment for 5 days, then refrigerate

Enjoy by itself or on top of a salad! Make sure to share your creations with us in the Gut Health Guru’s Facebook Group!

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