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Mito Wellness Mito Shades Blue Light Blocking Glasses

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Lenses by Ra Optics Protect your mitochondria from harmful 430nm to 550nm blue light Why the need for blue blockers anyway? With the rise of electronic devices, your eyes are now exposed...

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Lenses by Ra Optics

Protect your mitochondria from harmful 430nm to 550nm blue light

Why the need for blue blockers anyway?

With the rise of electronic devices, your eyes are now exposed to increasing levels of harmful light spectrums. Mito Shades protect your eyes from the dangers of UV rays and harmful, high-energy blue light for a lifetime of vision preservation and performance. Everyone interested in benefiting from lifelong healthy vision, especially those at high-risk of macular degeneration, should wear Mito Shades.

Mito Wellness takes this one step further again. Whilst the blue-blocking and biohacking community are focused on blocking blue light for specific eye diseases, there are much greater risks to our mitochondria.

Specifically, the harmful blue light between 430nm and 550nm is damaging to our mitochondrial DNA. As you will know if you have done our introductory course on mitochondria health, damage to our mitochondrial DNA is responsible for approximately 85% of all chronic disease, which can be prevented and reversed. Harmful High Energy Visible (HEV) blue light is one such hazard.

So don’t just protect your eyes from harmful UV blue light, protect your mitochondria for optimal health span, with Mito Shades specifically designed for maximum protection and minimal visual distortion.

  • Seasonal Affective Disorder (Sad)
  • Low Mood
  • Poor Sleep
  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Jet Lag
  • Hormone and Metabolism Disruption
  • Digital Eye Strain
  • Sore and Tired Eyes
  • Headaches and Migraines
  • Blurred Vision
  • Macular Degeneration
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

Why Mito Shades are the gold standard for digital device protection

Most blue blockers on the market today are focused on reducing symptoms of a specific condition such as digital eye strain. This is typical for blue blockers using clear lens technology. Whilst this may look good, it provides very minimal shielding (less than 5% reduction) from harmful blue light that is responsible for retin A and mitochondria damage. Additionally, our lens technology is the gold standard in blue light protection, offering maximum protection.


Who Should be Wearing Mito Shades?

  • Anyone who spends over 2 hours a day staring at a digital screen
  • Driving during the night
  • Anyone exposed to blue light after sunset (e.g shift workers in hospitals etc)
  • Online gaming enthusiasts
  • Anyone who wants to protect their eyes and vision from the harmful effects of blue light.
  • Anyone with a chronic disease that needs to improve their mitochondria
  • Anyone who wants to prevent chronic disease
  • What wavelength of light do

    Mito Shades block?

    Our Day Lenses are the most effective daytime solution available for protecting against damaging exposure to Blue Light from modern lighting and screen devices. We use a unique mixtures of pigments to achieve their signature yellow colour which blocks 100% of the most damaging spike of Blue Light emitted by LED lights and screens. They exceed all competition on protection. Most Blue Light Protection Lenses are clear, meaning that they block less than 3% of the most damaging spike at 455nm. These lenses take advantage of customers' lack of scientific understanding. By utilising a scientifically-designed mix of pigments, our Ultimate Day Lenses allow for maximal colour perception while still achieving maximal light absorption across the most damaging spectrum.

    How to Use Our Day Lenses:

    Use of our Day Lenses is also quite simple.  In fact, everything we offer is very simple, logical, and based on irrefutable scientific and natural truths, if you haven’t yet noticed ;).

    Wear our Day Lenses any time you are exposed to artificial light during the day, particularly at work, school, in hospitals, grocery stores, and the like.
    Also, if you prefer not wearing a coloured night lens for some reason, wearing a day lens will still confer a tremendous benefit compared to no Artificial Light Glasses at all.


    Our Night Lenses block all blue and the majority of green light frequencies, up to 550 nanometers, as these are the most energetic parts emitted from modern lighting, and have the most substantial impact on our sleep cycle, melatonin level, and sleep quality.  Ultimately, all light still has some impact on sleep, so it is optimal to avoid all artificial light after sunset. However, as this is not practical for many people today, we have found the perfect balance of blocking as much light as possible with still permitting enough light so that you can maintain near-normal vision and be able to perform normal tasks without tripping over your own feet.  

    How to Use Our Night Lenses:

    Use of the Night Lenses is simple: when the sun sets, put them on.  When people start to turn artificial lights on, put them on.  When it is dark outside and artificial lights are on, put them on.  For best results, wear them consistently from sunset until sleep.  If you must get up at night and use light, be sure to wear your glasses or change the lighting in your house to utilise only natural light during the day, and red incandescent bulbs at night.  Even brief exposure to artificial can disrupt our internal clock and undo your hard work. If you must wake up before sunrise, although this is very sub-optimal, be sure to wear your Night Lens Artificial Light Glasses until sunrise.

      What makes Mito Shades better than other blue blockers?

      We use a priority infused pigmentation technology that does not scratch or wears off. This provides a crisp, comfortable viewing experience that doesn’t distort vision and provides the correct amount of light filtration for daytime protection. 

      Clear lenses have been shown to provide very little protection at the critical 455 nm range used by most computer, tablet and smartphone screens.

      (1) Insomnia and its relationship to health-care utilisation, work absenteeism, productivity and accidents. Daley M1, Morin CM, LeBlanc M, Gregoire JP, Savard J, Baillargeon L. *Van R-Q. et al. Effects of Blu Tech Lenses on melatonin, sleep, mood and neurobehavioral performance. Presented at American Academy of Optometry meeting; Chicago; Oct. 10-14, 2017. **Transmittance data provided by Dr Wade Jeffery, Director of the Center for Environmental Diagnostics and Bioremediation – University Of West Florida.


      Who should wear Mito Shades?

      Anyone who spends considerable time on a computer or digital device will benefit from wearing our blue-blocking glasses.

      Why choose Mito Shades?

      We offer the most effective lens on the market for mitochondrial DNA protection. Other blue blockers are typically very yellow and have low transparency or clear lenses and provide little to no protection.

      A lot of our frames are built with cellulose acetate, the same material used by most high-end eyewear brands and our selection of vintage and classic styles will keep you looking sharp.

      Do you offer prescription lenses?

      Prescription lenses are coming in the near future. We know there are a lot of people that require prescription lenses and we are focused on making this available as soon as possible.

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      NevadanHunter (Elko, US)
      Decent (Update)

      Finally received glasses and have worn for two weeks. I think they serve the purpose of blocking the blue light quite well and seem to have helped with my headaches. Only gripe I have is that the lens coating is hard to keep clean/get clean and fairly soft. Usually don't have a problem cleaning lenses but this have very faint scratches after wearing for two weeks. I hope they hold up longer.

      Hi Nevadan, apologies for the delay. Overseas shipping is being impacted by lockdowns in Victoria. Hopefully your glasses shouldn't be too far away.