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How to Make Coconut Water Kefir at Home

Coconut Water Kefir

How to Make Coconut Water Kefir at Home

A great way to add probiotics to your diet is with Coconut water kefir, a delicious beverage that people have been drinking for thousands of years because of its amazing health benefits. Water Kefir is made with water kefir grains, which are also known as Japanese water crystals, Tibicos, Tibi, or beer seeds. These grains are a symbiotic culture of yeast and bacteria held in a crystalline form by the bacteria. 

Today, we have for you a new way to enjoy kefir that's tasty as well as a great source of additional nutrition. We are going to be making it with coconut water as well as our special coconut water kefir grains, to produce a dairy free, vegan and raw beverage you can enjoy with the whole family.

What You Will Need

  • 1 Tbsp. (15 grams) coconut water kefir grains

  • 500ml coconut water

  • 50 ml fruit juice of your choice (optional)

  • Herbs, spices or other flavourings (optional)

  • Rapadura Sugar (optional)


You will also need a sealable glass jar or a Kefirko Kefir maker to ferment in



  1. Pour the coconut water into the glass jar or Kefirko kefir maker.

  2. Add the kefir grains.

  3. Cover with a lid and seal tightly. Some people prefer to instead put a cloth over the top and affix it in place with a rubber band. While both methods work, using an air-tight seal with a lid promotes the growth of lactic acid bacteria, which is one of the beneficial bacteria.

  4. Leave the jar in a cupboard where it won’t be disturbed. It should be in an area with even temperatures around 68 – 85 degrees Fahrenheit (20-24 degrees Celsius).

  5. After 24 hours and again after 48 hours, take a small drink of the kefir to get an idea of how the flavour changes. The longer in ferments, the sourer and tangier it becomes.

  6. After 24-48 hours depending on how you like the flavour, strain the coconut kefir through a mesh strainer (or if you have a Kefirko kefir maker, the built-in strainer). Separate the coconut kefir from the kefir grains.

  7. Restart the process by adding fresh coconut water to the grains. Otherwise, store the kefir grains for later use.

  8. To add carbonation to the kefir as well as additional flavours you can next do a secondary ferment.


Instructions for A Secondary Ferment

1. Pour the newly finished coconut water kefir into a sealable jar.
2. Add around 50ml (about 3 ½ Tbsp.) of your juice of choice and/or 1 Tbsp. sugar.
3. Add any additional flavourings such as ginger, herbs, spices, etc.
4. Seal the jar tightly.
5. Let ferment for an additional 24-48 hours until it is fizzy and flavoured.
6. At this point, you may either enjoy it immediately or refrigerate it to slow the carbonation process.

Some things to consider when making coconut water kefir
Kefir made with coconut water may become very fizzy when doing the second ferment. Use caution when opening the lid after the fermentation process. Also, the bacteria in kefir crystals is very delicate, use only plastic or stainless steel utensils when handling them. 

Drink Happy with Kefir

While it may have a different flavour than you’re used to, this fermented beverage is just one of many healthy drinks that can help you jumpstart your day. Independently take responsibility for your health. Get started with creating your own kefir today. We have tools and ingredients that are ready for use in our store. Make sure to check them out and get what you need here before you get started.

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