Strawberry Milk Kefir Ice Cream

Strawberry Milk Kefir Ice Cream

If you love strawberries and are looking for a delicious, healthy, and refreshing treat, you’re going to love this ice cream! It’s a simple recipe that is made with kefir milk and kefir cheese, so you know that it is full of probiotics to bring diversity to your gut! This recipe came to us from Kristyn in the Gut Health Gurus Facebook Group!

-1 cup of milk kefir (use this kit to make your own!)

-½ cup kefir cheese (use this kit!) 

-¾ cup cream

-Monk fruit to taste

-1 cup of strawberries


  1. Mix everything into a blender, put it into an ice cream maker and enjoy! Make sure to drizzle this chocolate miso sauce on top for an extra tasty treat!
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