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Milk Kefir Growth Premix 100g

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Milk Kefir Grains Growth Premix with Colostrum Powder, Whey Protein Isolate and Organic Inulin (Prebiotic Fibre), scientifically proven to promote the growth of milk kefir grains by 300 to 400% and boost the growth of key probiotic species ( 2011 Mar; 94(3):1239-42). Also produces thicker, creamier kefir.

Simply add 15g to milk kefir grains per 250 ml batch during fermentation in milk. Colostrum significantly improves the nutritive content of milk kefir by helping boost immune function and healing the gut lining.


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Milk Kefir Growth Premix

I love this product! I was advised by my naturopath to start taking kefir and to add this product to it. It has been brilliant in helping my gut and with keeping me healthy. Thankyou.

Wonderful to hear Emma
Kefir milk grains.

My order of kefir milk grains took seven days to arrive.
The first batch was not successful, but I have had successful batches since then.

Hi Lilian We only ship fresh cultures early in the week to avoid getting stuck in the post. Glad to hear you are enjoying kefir
Kefir grains & ebook

Fantastic! All going well. Healthy happy kefir grains. Hot here in Qld so it stays mostly in the fridge. Have had my kefir grains for two weeks now. Myself, hubby and the dogs have some every morning. Very happy with this product!

Thank you Diane..So great to hear that your whole family including your dogs are enjoying the benefits of kefir
My kefir is fantastic

I followed the instructions to the letter, and I now have a healthy colony of grains making creamy milk kefir. I bought the small size of premix to get it all going, and now it seems to be thriving without it.

Great to hear Judith...your grains are thriving with your care

Super fast delivery and items perfect. Thank you!

Thank you Andrea