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Complete White Miso Making Kit

Complete Miso Making Kit

What is White Miso?

White miso is popular ingredient used in Japanese cooking. It is made by fermenting soy beans with koji (starter culture) and salt. The flavour is sweet, nutty and salty. The most popular dish incorporating white miso is Miso soup.


What are the benefits of Miso consumption?

  • Daily intake of miso soup was associated with lower epigastric symptoms caused by Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (1)
  • May reduce cholesterol and risk of heart disease (2,4)
  • May possess anti cancer, anti inflammatory and anti oxidant characteristics (2,4)
  • May help lower blood cholesterol (2)
  • May reduce risk of bladder cancer (3)
  • May reduce osteoporosis risk (4)

 How to Make White Miso?  


Full instructions on how to make White Miso


The Kit Includes:

500g Organic Soy Beans

400g Organic Dried Rice Koji Starter

200g Fine Himalayan Salt

2 X Ball Mason Wide Mouth Quart Jar

2 X Masontops Wide Mouth Pebbles

1 X Masontops Pickle Packer

White miso is very easy to prepare and is ready to eat in 4 weeks

Kit will make approximately 1 kg of Miso






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