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Eating Kefir Grains could flatten your tummy

Eating Kefir Grains could flatten your tummy


There was an exciting research study published. And it suggests that there may be good reason to eat your extra kefir grains along with kefir to flatten your tummy this summer.

We know kefir promotes weight loss as suggested by Kim et (2017)  and a study  Anti-obesity Effect of Exopolysaccharides Isolated from Kefir Grains by Lim et al (2017), stated that Exopolysaccharides or EPS (which are the material that makes up both water and milk kefir grains), shows significant anti-obesity effects possibly via changing your gut bugs.  The study also highlighted that EPS supplementation significantly enhanced the abundance of Akkermansia species in faeces.  This is fascinating because Akkermansia, a type of bacteria found in the gut is causally and inversely associated with obesity, diabetes, cardiometabolic diseases and low-grade inflammation (Cani et al, 2017). Akkermansia is a species closely being looking at by Australian Microbiome Testing provider, Allele Microbiome .You can find out how much Akkermansia you have in your gut by ordering one of their test kits.

So rather than throwing out your extra kefir grains why not put a tablespoon in a smoothie for some gut loving goodness which may take some inches of the waistline this summer.

5 thoughts on “Eating Kefir Grains could flatten your tummy

  1. avatar Rosita Enriquez says:

    I am eating mine as I prepared a strawberry, banana and sugar yogurt (along with kefir grains since I couldn’t findmy drainer). Delicious!

  2. avatar Kriben Govender says:

    Hi Rachel yes wonderful for pets

    Hi Manuel glad you are enjoying our content

    Hi Ina, grains will start to replicate with consistent fermenting and time. We recommend our premix if you are looking for rapid growth

  3. avatar Rachel Alexander says:

    I also feed them to my chickens and dog :)

  4. avatar Manuela says:

    Hi, I love that I receive great information from nourishmeorganics.
    I know that you could eat the Kefir grain, but had no idea that it can be of great benefit. Thank you.
    Last week I threw out 2 cups full of grains as no one wanted them. ??

  5. avatar Ina says:

    Don’t have left over grains, look healthy but not increasing!

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