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Three Ways that Kefir Will Help You and Your Family

milk kefir grains

Three Ways that Kefir Will Help You and Your Family

kefir grains


No one begins thinking about the general benefits of kefir when they begin drinking it or incorporating other fermented foods in their diet. No, usually, they are prompted either by a health issue or because of word of mouth. With benefits to the digestion system and the beneficial weight loss side effects alone, there is enough reason for there to be hype around all kinds of kefir drinks. Once you try it, you’ll see the benefits yourself though and it is only natural to want to share them with your friends and family. Aside from the typical benefits, here are three additional reasons to drink kefir as a family.


Your Household Will be Well

There are plenty of bugs that go around the household, starting with one person until everyone is sick. Stomach bugs, or rather, nasty bacteria that can nest nicely in your gut, are one of the main causes to family illnesses. Kefir, however, provides a strong defence against this because it helps to keep the body in balance. It has over 3 times the amount of probiotics that are in yogurt and is chock filled with B and K vitamins that are vital to a healthy immune system. With all of your family drinking kefir beverages, you’re likely to see less illnesses passing along when cold and flu seasons hit.


Save Money by Seeing the Doctor Less

We all get sick from time to time, but by incorporating kefir in your diet, you are less likely to get sick because of the immune boosting qualities and the beneficial balancing of digestive bacteria. More than that, fermented beverages can also increase your overall health, aid weight loss and keep your digestion system clear through detoxification. When you’re healthy more, you usually have to see a doctor less.


Enjoy a Family Chill Session

Adults aren’t the only ones in the home that can get stressed out. Kids may not be combatting clients or worried about money, but school and social pressures can take a lot out. Tension from one person in the home can spread, but you can stop it with kefir. Many drinkers have reported a cool tranquillising effect, which can help to calm the nerves of everyone in the house. Because it is natural and not a habit-forming medication, all ages can drink it. It can help everyone in the home sleep better at night and feel refreshed, calm and collected throughout the day.


Make Fermented Beverages a Family Experience

The benefits of kefir need not be limited to just health and wellness. One of the nice things about the beverage is that there is a whole process in the making of it. Plenty of families across the globe make the experience of crafting the beverage a household tradition. Kids usually enjoy crafting the drink, choosing additives that will change the flavor. If you are interested in crafting your own blends and getting creative with your kefir, check out our tried and true recipes, include with purchase of our organic kefir grains. There are kid-friendly recipes for kefir that family members of all ages are sure to love!



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