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Are My Kefir Grains Working Properly?


How do you know if your kefir grains are working properly? Applicable to both Milk and Water Kefir

1) The probiotic bacteria and yeast will convert sugars into organic acids progressively souring your brew

2) Kefir should have a pleasant bready yeasty aroma

3) Some of the grains will start to float as the specific gravity (density) of the brew changes with acid production

4) There may be some carbon dioxide produces resulting in fizz or effervescences kefir

Be patient and consistent with Kefir grains. They are live organisms and it does take a few days for these little critters to acclimatise to their new homes. Make sure you are changing the fermentation medium (sugar water or milk) every 24 to 48 hours to ensure grains are well fed.

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One thought on “Are My Kefir Grains Working Properly?

  1. avatar Raelene says:

    Hi, I purchased water kefir grains from you about two weeks ago, and things are going well…the kefir is fantastic…. I’m just wondering, as the grains grow, do I increase the amount of sugar and water to feed them, and at what ratio? The grains appear to be almost double the size since I purchased them, and I have increased the water and sugar, but just wanted to get your advice. Thank you for your assistance…I have watched videos on YouTube, but not much is really said about increasing volumes as the grains grow…

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