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What are EMFs?

EMFs are Electro Magnetic Fields and/or Frequencies. Typically, magnetic and electric forces are referred to as fields, while radio-frequencies (RFs) and microwaves are often talked about as frequencies. Nature provides us with beneficial EMFs, like mother earth’s Schumann resonances (extremely low EMFs) and infra-red and red frequencies of a morning sunrise, that our bodies require for optimal health.

However, power lines, cell towers, modern wireless devices, and anything man-made that uses electricity produces electromagnetic fields (EMFs) that are not native to this earth. These artificial EMFs are technically referred to as ‘non-native EMFs’ or ‘nnEMFs for short.’ Artificial forms of EMFs typically have alternating fields or pulsed radiation that can disrupt many processes that maintain optimal health such as, lowering sleep quality, altering the gut biome, and damaging our DNA directly. This ultimately leads to disease and accelerated aging. The negative impacts of artificially generated EMFs are based on exposure times, intensities and frequency of exposures.


Over 3,000 Studies on The Harmful Effects of nnEMFs

Over 244 scientists from more than 41 countries have expressed their “serious concerns” regarding the ubiquitous and increasing exposure to EMF generated by electric and wireless devices. EMF Scientist Appeal


What Makes The Mito EMF Meter so Good?

If there is one tool everyone must have it’s a Mito EMF Meter. Our environment is saturated with microwaves from cell towers, smart meters, Wi-Fi routers and wireless devices. The only way to tell if your home or office is contaminated with harmful, invisible nnEMFs is to test.

We find ourselves bombarded by more and more harmful EMFs from more sources across a broader section of the electromagnetic spectrum. More disturbing is that the rate of change is increasing exponentially with the rollout of 5G, driverless vehicles, cryptocurrencies, virtual reality and the Internet of Things. The only way to know you are being exposed to harmful EMFs is to make the invisible, visible by getting a reliable EMF meter.

There are many EMF meters on the market ranging from $200 to $40,000. We wanted to find an affordable solution that was compact, durable, precise, tested all major frequencies and most importantly was easy to use and interpret.
The Mito EMF Meter does all of that and lots more. 

Kit Includes: MitoHQ Mitometer EMF Detection Meter, USB Charging Cable and Usage Instructions

Usage Instructions and Resources here:


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A wonderful device. Easy to use. Great to have in hand particularly if you’re thinking of doing some home/health improvements.

Thank you so much Monika...glad you are enjoying you Mitometer

I'm so glad I bought this meter. Thank you for the information you gave about it. I discovered that my modem was emitting very high RF even though I had disabled the wifi. So now I am trying to do something about fixing the situation. Evidently this is a common problem.

Glad the meter is helping Irene