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Can Kids Drink Kombucha?

can kid drink kombucha

So you’re sipping your passionfruit ginger kombucha and your little one starts begging to try. You stop for a second and think, wait, can kids drink kombucha? Doesn’t it have alcohol in it?

There’s no doubt kombucha is one of the tastiest drinks on the planet, and with so many health benefits - it’s often asked whether this drink is safe for children.

It’s a good question - and one we’ll tackle right here - right now. 

First up, it’s always good to consult your doctor or healthcare professional about this - they may have their own views - especially in individual cases. With so much information circulating online, it’s hard to get a straightforward answer. 

But for those wanting an answer stat - let’s get down to business: can kids drink kombucha?

Is Kombucha safe for kids?

Store bought kombucha tea is, in principle, safe for children to drink. These brands often have extremely low alcohol content - and will be prepared under controlled conditions and tested before being placed in the fridge at the grocery store. It is always helpful to check the label to make sure there aren’t any uncommon ingredients that could pose a risk to you or your child. 

What are the health benefits of kombucha for kids?

Drinking kombucha has several health benefits that cannot be overlooked. Even children can benefit from kombucha’s good bacteria, probiotics, and organic acids that are known to assist stronger immunity, boost gut health and overall well-being. 

What is the alcohol content of kombucha?

Your typical bottle of kombucha contains less than 0.5% alcohol - which is very low when you compare it to actual alcoholic drinks like beer and wine which typically have an alcohol content of 5% and 13% respectively. Even with such a low alcohol content - it’s important not to have too much kombucha tea in one go. 

When is Kombucha NOT safe for kids to drink?

There are of course situations when kombucha is not safe to drink - for example:

  • when a child has an allergic reaction to kombucha or if one of the ingredients within the kombucha is known to stimulate an allergic reaction. 
  • Kombucha also contains many (healthy) sugars - however, if a child is diabetic you may want to regulate how much sugar they consume. 
  • Kombucha that is well past its use-by date, left out for too long, over-fermentation can also be unsafe to drink for children and adults alike.
  • When advised against by your healthcare professional. 

Watch out for strong home brewed kombucha 

There’s nothing better than perfecting your own home brew. One of the main advantages is you don’t have to buy store-bought kombucha - which is, let’s be honest, mostly second-class. Once you’ve tasted home-brew you can’t go back. 

But what about children and home brew? Usually, home brew kombucha has a higher alcohol content because of the longer fermentation times and lack of bureaucracy around what can and can’t be sold on supermarket shelves. If you’re brewing the strong stuff, buy Kombucha Brewing Kit - it’s worth diluting the drink for children’s consumption.

My child is a kombucha fanatic. What should I do?

It happens. Kids can suddenly get obsessed with certain drinks - and if kombucha is one of them, you can at least be happy it’s not some sugary soft drink. That being said - kombucha (like everything) is good in moderation. 

We all benefit from a healthier gut, stronger immune system, and better mental health when we drink kombucha, but when it comes to kombucha it can be ‘too much of a good thing’. Drinking 4 or 5 bottles straight can often have the same effect as drinking one or two beers - not exactly child-friendly. Hence keeping a lid on the amount of kombucha kids can get their hands on is essential. 

Tips on how to keep your kids kombucha-safe

If you’re brewing kombucha in your house, you might be worried about your little ones having ‘more than their fair share’ or accidentally opening up a bottle before the ferment is finished. Yes, making good kombucha is a long process and there’s nothing worse than having it spoiled at the last minute. Here are some tips on brewing kombucha in a house full of curious kids:

  1. Keep your ferment away from the action. Store your kombucha in a safe place away from prying eyes and potential destruction by soccer ball or remote-controlled airplane (it’s probably happened before, let’s be honest). 
  2. If you keep your kombucha secret - chances are you’ll be found out. It’s worth educating kids on what kombucha is and why it's good for you. They’ll likely have one sip and say eeeeeww! They won’t try kombucha again until they’re teenagers.
  3. If you’re worried about your child taking a sip too many - make sure you keep it out of reach (literally up high) or locked away for safekeeping. 

Get creative with homemade Kombucha 

If you’re looking to improve your kombucha-making skills or give home brew kombucha a shot - you're in the right place. Get savvy on recipes, tips and buy all the ingredients you need to make kombucha from the comfort of your home. At Nourishme Organics, we proudly supply organic ingredients so you can make the best kombucha Australia has ever tasted. Visit our online store today.

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