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Medicinal Mushroom & Gut Health Benefits

Medicinal Mushroom & Gut Health Benefits

Mushrooms have been used for improving gut health for centuries by traditional Chinese medicine due to their amazing healing properties. Your energy levels, mood, immune system are greatly helped by Medicinal mushrooms. How you feel day to day is important, and one of the best ways to get there is with Medicinal mushrooms. Popular ones are turkey tail, chaga, lion's mane, reishi and cordyceps.

Your body does most of the work in ridding itself of nasty toxins, but in the end, you might feel drained and tired. By boosting your immune system with the help of Medicinal Mushrooms, your body will reward you with a vitality that you may not have realised you had before. Having a more active and healthy lifestyle helps with your mental health too. Right from the gut to the brain, medicinal mushrooms really are it all. Some commonly asked questions about the health benefits of Medicinal Mushrooms to your gut health will be listed below.

What are medicinal mushrooms good for? 

By digesting mushrooms, such as the ones mentioned before, you are taking in a compound known as beta-glucan. Medical research is constantly showing positive benefits medicinal mushrooms have on human health. Beta-glucans are a source of fibre, helping our immune system fight bacterial infections, reduce high cholesterol, help with cancer treatment, heart disease and even improve your skin’s health. 

We all have stress in our life, and lion's mane is known to boost your cognitive health, levelling out your mood, and reduce your stress levels. Stress levels can cause complications with our digestive system, and by relaxing it, your gut will thank you. Life Cykel's lion's mane is a great option for reducing your stress levels.

Life Cykel Lion's Mane Mushroom Liquid Extract 120ml

Turkey tail has strong beta-glucan levels and is a powerful aid in helping your immune function. It is known to help your immune system fight cancer cells, help with high blood pressure issues and provide benefits to gut bacteria that are good for your gut health. 

Life Cykel Turkey Tail Mushroom Liquid Extract 120ml

If you have been sick for what feels like months, with no end in sight Cordyceps may help you with just that. Cordyceps assist your fatigue levels, providing your guts with the energy to fight out and kill bad toxins that are keeping you ill. Are mushrooms prebiotic?

Life Cykel Cordyceps Mushroom Liquid Extract 120ml

Medicinal mushrooms contain a prebiotic fibre that helps sustain the healthy bacteria in your gut. The fibre produces nutrients for your colon, making the digestive system healthier. This prebiotic fibre can also be known as beta-glucan, which is what we’ve mentioned above. Turkey tail contains strong beta-glucans, carbohydrates, xylans, vitamin d and galactans, which are all beneficial to your overall health.

By adding mushrooms like this to your diet, you will increase your intestinal and digestive gut health by a large margin. Edible mushrooms have low calories, sodium and cholesterol, and offer high levels of protein that boost your immune functions, and level out your blood sugar. Shiitake mushrooms are an excellent choice as a dietary food to maintain a healthy life.

Do mushrooms help gut biomes? 

Inside your stomach is a living culture of trillions of micro-organisms known as microbiomes. Some of the functions microbiomes exist for are stimulating the immune system, ridding your body of bad toxins in foods, and help pronounce and reinforce vitamins. Essentially, they help get rid of the bad bacteria in food, and help bring out the good bacteria in food to keep your body healthy. Seeing as mushrooms contain prebiotic fibres like beta-glucan, they are key to helping the microbiomes in your body to fight any toxins that may be in your body. 

Do mushrooms boost your immune system? 

Adding mushrooms to your diet or even by adding mushroom extracts to a coffee, tea or smoothie will add numerous benefits to your body and gut health. Mentioned above is the help mushrooms add to your microbiomes, which will, in turn, boost your immune functions. Your immune system has a strong reliance on how well the microbes in your gut act in accordance to breaking down foods. 

Add mushroom supplements to your meals or drinks

NourishMe Organics offers a range of Medicinal Mushroom supplements for improving gut health. If you’re feeling stressed and tired from a lack of sleep, nothing beats having a hot cacao or tea after a long day, so try out a reishi mushroom, hot cacao mix. Your stress levels will reduce and it will help you get your sleeping pattern back under shape. It’s easy to use, try adding it to warm nut milk or just add it to hot water. We’re certain this will relax and soothe you.

Are you sick of coffee, and find it over-stimulates you when you drink it? Perhaps you feel bloated after being finished with it. Do you still need that pick-me-up before your morning shift at work? Cordyceps and Chagga Mushroom coffee mix might be for you. This coffee substitute will give you that much needed energy in the morning, stimulating your metabolism and all at the same time being less intrusive and upsetting for your gut. 

By using our Medicinal Mushroom products you will receive numerous gut health benefits, and also be on the way to living a healthier and cleaner lifestyle. Make sure you also check our range of gut health supplements and our four sigmatic mushroom elixir to get all the benefits you need for a healthier gut health and find here gut health and fermentation workshop for beginners.

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