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Dr. Vas Shah on Quantum Health

Dr. Vas Shah on Quantum Health
deuterium depletion

Today we are talking with Dr. Vas Shah, the quantum nutritionist. He is a quantum clinician and he helps patients optimise their health and wellness by understanding their health challenges through the lens of quantum biology. Read on to learn about quantum nutrition, how to use copper to lower iron levels, deuterium and its effects on mitochondria, quantum biology and gut health (specifically how light interferes with this!), and how wifi and 5G are affecting us. 

What is a Quantum Clinician?

A quantum clinician is a very new profession. There are only a handful of us around the world. It’s about health optimization from the viewpoint of quantum biology. It's studying at a different level of scale to the rest of the medical profession. Other medical professionals are based on the level of biochemistry, then you have the level of atoms that make up all the biochemistry, then you have the atom’s subdivided into subatomic particles. A quantum clinician works two levels deeper than what medical professionals currently work from. So it's a much more in-depth approach to understanding not just the health aspect but also how life works in general. You also understand how nature works. When you look from that level of scale you start to understand the condition a lot better.

Being a quantum clinician, I composed a seven pillar plan for health:

  1. Light & energy (come together as number one)
  2. Water
  3. Sleep
  4. Nutrition
  5. Structure
  6. Lifestyle
  7. Psychospiritual 

So all of these come together in a package. The quantum nutrition element is just one part of that and nutrition comes down at number four. For a lot of people, when they're looking to get healthier they go straight for the diet element. Food is more about light! Understanding how light works in photosynthesis and in our cellular biology will help you understand how all these systems work together. And if you change something just a little bit, it can have some really big repercussions downstream. That's one thing that most people won't be aware of.

When Did You Realize That The Health Paradigm Isn’t Giving Us The Whole Picture? 

Back in 2012, I started using lasers and light therapy technologies in my clinical practice as a podiatrist. I started using red and infrared light frequencies to heal my patients of various diseases. To me, it was like black magic because it worked so well. I understood it on one level of biochemistry but I didn't really understand it fully. I just knew that it worked remarkably well so from that point onwards I had an understanding that light had some interesting effects.

Two or three years ago I decided I would give a vegan diet a try. I was a sensible vegan so for every meal for every day I put it into cronometer (a website where you can put in your food and it will tell you your macros, your calories, your vitamins, and your minerals.) Everything was good according to government guidelines so I thought I was fine. At the same time:

- I moved into a new apartment where there was LED lighting inside the apartment 

- LED lighting was getting put up on the streets where I lived 

- There was a wi-fi router directly under my bed

For someone who's always been very healthy and health-conscious, I started to become very very sick. I was anxious, depressed, my gut health was non-existent, I had chronic insomnia for about a year. It didn’t make sense as to why I was falling apart. So I started doing some searching and eventually I came across the work of Dr. Jack Kruse, who's a neurosurgeon from the US, and initially, I just thought “no it can't be just light.” Jack’s work is very controversial in some places because a lot of the things that he says are so counterintuitive. But I gave it a try and the first thing I focused on was my sleep. 

My sleep was disrupted 10 times a night to get up to go to the bathroom. When you eat a vegan diet, you're generally eating a very high carbohydrate diet and carbohydrates break down into sugars. Since the body doesn't like high blood sugar, it tries to get rid of the excess sugar. 

sunlight and deuterium

How Did You Start With Dr. Jack Kruse's Work? 


My health journey led me to starting different protocols, one of them was to block blue light at night to block the blue and green frequencies of light. We see blue and green light as colors with our eyes but scientifically we can measure it in terms of the wavelengths. Blue light frequencies are roughly between 400 and 500 nanometers and then the green is 500 to 550. These are the specific frequencies that you want to block after the sun sets because they disrupt a hormone called melatonin. Melatonin is known as a sleep hormone but it's the hormone of darkness. Green-light disrupts your melatonin about half of what blue light does, this is why blocking blue light is more important. I started wearing my blue light blocking glasses, started using black-out blinds in my bedroom and my sleep improved from the first night.


That gave me a little bit of confidence in Jack Kruse so I started trying other things. I started with some crazy things as well like eating a quarter of a kilogram of raw beef liver in the summer while grounded barefoot on the grass, just wearing my swimwear that has special fabric that allows 80% of light frequencies to pass through. It was a full circuit. And for the gents, if you want to raise your testosterone one of the low-hanging fruits is to go for the UV light.


Copper and Iron


Morley Robbins has a theory about liver being very high in copper and his claim to fame is that he believes we are all iron toxic and that copper can bind iron. So aside from all the nutritional benefits of liver, there could be something happening in terms of its ability to bind iron and remove iron from the body. Something I’ve also been pondering upon as well is, if you think about it in the old days, for guys especially because we were always in some sort of physical labour or battles, so there was always some element of bleeding. And the women are okay because they have their cycle. But guys aren’t bleeding as much anymore. Two things that I have added to my diet is beef liver and organic bee pollen. Both these are very high in copper and there's really nothing to lose if they're having some sort of benefit in terms of removing iron from the body. I have seen some research on iron and its impact on mitochondria as well. -Kriben Govender


You can also donate blood regularly to get your iron levels down. And the other thing about iron is that we've all been eating grain products since the 1960s. In many countries, all wheat products have to be fortified with some iron and some synthetic vitamins. Now there's research coming through that shows it could deplete your body's stores of B-vitamins and the source of the iron is questionable as well.


In nature when you have a mineral in a food source it's attached to a protein. When you artificially add minerals in, this process doesn't happen so it's uncoupled. It ends up being a sort of free iron. Also remember that with liver, yes it’s very high in copper but it's not as high in zinc. Copper and zinc have this balancing relationship so if you're overloading with copper you need to make sure that you're having a rich source of zinc (oysters are good for that!)

The timing of your meals is critical to your health because they also form part of your circadian rhythms. It affects when different hormones are secreted and how different neurotransmitters are released at certain points in the day. Everything has its time and you know in our modern world we can turn night into day and that's creating problems for us. Blue light not only affects your melatonin,  it's also that staring into any digital device even in the day, causes reactive oxygen species to form inside your cells. These are free radicals and not all free radicals are bad (because they act as a chemical messenger in your cells) but when you have an overload of them then you can start damaging the mitochondria. Then, if your mitochondria get damaged, your energy output in the cell gets reduced. Then you're in big trouble because you start to get epigenetic changes which are changes in your genome as a result of changes in your environment.

deuterium depleted water

Mitochondria and Deuterium 101 


For anybody that doesn't know what deuterium is it's the very obese cousin of hydrogen. If you look up hydrogen on the periodic table it's a very simple element, it's just a proton with an electron. Deuterium is what's called an isotope and it's exactly the same as hydrogen except it has the addition of one neutron in the center of the nucleus. This makes a massive difference because it's twice as big, twice as heavy and your mitochondria are your cellular engines. Your mitochondria takes in protons and a hydrogen ion is a proton so it's fueled by hydrogen. If you replace hydrogen with its obese cousin, it's so big and so heavy that it cannot fit in the seat that hydrogen would sit neatly in. This seat is a very delicate spinning nano-motor. When deuterium plops himself down in that chair, he breaks it. Even though you have a lot of these nanometers in your cells, just a tiny increase in deuterium in your water, your air, or your food will have drastic changes on your cellular respiration. 


To explain a bit more, your mitochondria is a structure that's inside all of your cells (except for red blood cells) and they produce all of your cells energy. Your cell needs an awful lot of energy to do all of its tasks. Think of it in terms of currency and the currency of the energy of the cell is called ATP (adenosine triphosphate). This molecule is constantly broken and then rejoined. In that process it releases energy and we use this ATP form of currency to pay all the different people in the cells so they can do their jobs.


So we’re paying our “doctors”, we're paying our “bin men” to take our trash out and all of that requires a certain level of energy to work effectively. When it does, we're healthy. But when that energy output drops, think of it as a power station, it fails, your power goes out, and you can't pay everybody so the work stops. That expresses itself as diseases like cancer, autoimmune, diabetes type 2, and neurodegenerative diseases. These are all mitochondrial diseases. The number of mitochondria your cells have depends on what kind of cell it is, So your heart, your brain, and your gut are the most energy-hungry. They'll have 6,000 of these structures in each cell. A human egg contains 100,000 mitochondria. Think about the intense amount of work it has to do in replicating very quickly from the moment of fertilization to growing that into a new human being!


So with deuterium, we have been designed by nature to have a certain amount of deuterium in our environment. What is in our environment, will also make its way into us. This is a delicate balance that nature has perfected. Unfortunately, since we started the chemical industrial agricultural revolution 70 years ago, these industries have been looking to make increases in profits. One of the ways they have been making these increases in profits has been to feed grain to livestock. It produces a lot more food but it also introduces a lot more deuterium into our food supply.


We’re a two million-year-old species and we've only been tilling the soil for ten thousand years.  Before ten thousand years we didn't eat grains. Grains come from a type of grass and we know cows eat grass but the amount of grain that a cow would get into its stomach throughout a day's grazing is very little. Now we've gone over to feeding cows predominantly grains. It creates problems for their health and it certainly passes that problem onto us too. 


Hydrogen is everywhere in your body, it is in the water, in your cells, so if this deuterium is replacing hydrogen you can’t get away from it. So we have added more deuterium into our diets by eating grains, we aren’t getting restorative sleep to deplete the deuterium. But there are ways we can naturally deplete deuterium and one is exposure to natural full-spectrum sunlight. 


Certain frequencies within the sunlight, specifically the red and infrared, help to drive it out. The problem is, most of us spend about 90% of our day indoors and in artificial light. Everyone has energy-efficient lighting and the problem with this lighting is that it has a very narrow band of the frequency spectrum. Sunlight has UV, it has the seven colors everybody's familiar with, and it has infrared as well. In energy-efficient lighting, you get a very narrow band and it’s mostly just the blue which does not work with our biology. We have been trying to save energy, which is great, but we've ended up with a lighting environment that isn't suited to our biology. We've had two million years to get used to the sun and we're very good at it. We've only had 60 years of artificial lighting. And light has a huge impact on your health.


We are a very ancient species of animal and all of the innovations that have led to this point are perhaps not serving us as well. I’ve been to more than 100 food manufacturing sites and I've seen the degradation of our food supply. It's vastly different from how it would have been a million years ago. All these innovations are serving us in one way but they're harming us in the other so it's this double-edged sword. But we're starting to have some understanding and there's some awareness around it. There are more and more people talking about these things on how they impact us and then it allows us to make a difference and change. I have had my struggles with depression and anxiety and we're talking about deuterium potentially contributing to depression. Then being bombarded with wi-fi radiation and sitting under artificial blue light for most of the day and then I wondered why I was 14 kilos heavier and perpetually depressed. Now with the changes that we've implemented in our lives, wearing blue-blocking glasses, having lower deuterium content food, deuterium depleted water, using the sunlight to deplete deuterium, exercise, and things like Cold Thermogenesis, we can bring things back to how nature originally intended. It always comes back to nature. - Kriben Govender

quantum biology and gut health

Quantum Biology and Gut Health


From the research that we're doing, we're starting to understand that the gut is a very important deuterium depletion organ and certain species of bacteria in the gut can deplete it. A lot of these organisms use deuterium because they need it. Any rapid growing cell, like a bacterial cell, needs a lot of deuterium. So they almost utilize it and remove it through our fecal matter for us.  - Kriben Govender


A lot is going on with gut health so in quantum biology we are still looking at the biochemistry level because that's still important and relevant, but then I look deeper at the quantum level too. There's not one reason why so many people today have gut complaints. There are multiple reasons why but one of the biggest problems is glyphosate. Glyphosate is a pesticide and it's the most widely used pesticide in history. Millions of tons have been sprayed all over the planet. 


The problem with glyphosate is that It decimates your gut bacteria. Those colonies of bacteria that would be helping to:


- Deplete the deuterium 

- Making neurotransmitters like GABA, Serotonin, Dopamine, IPA etc


When you reduce the numbers you reduce the output so this is why you may have the anxiety and depression connection with the gut. Then of course you have deuterium. I recommend that you find a farm-fresh source to buy your organic grass fed meat. For my patients, I recommend farms that are trusted. I visit them and have a close working relationship with them. I go to see whether their claims are true and if their chickens are free range, do they truly have this happy-go-lucky atmosphere, and I make sure they do before I recommend them. If the farm truly feeds their cows grass, grass is incredibly low in deuterium and that's the food that cows are supposed to eat. 


The milk they produce is low in deuterium and the meat is low in deuterium too. Then they feed the pigs the milk too. Once they’ve extracted the fat to make butter and cream, they give the leftover milk to the pigs. So the pigs are exclusively fed on this milk. This is really important because the information that is encoded within the atoms of the food, the grass > the milk > the pigs is all the same information. They are quantized to their environment. The information that you get from the sun has a very specific effect on the atoms (specifically the electrons. 


  • Imagine the nucleus of the atom 
  • The electron is spinning around in this shell (like how the earth orbits around the sun) 
  • If you shine red light on it, it will make it dance a particular way.
  • Then if you shine blue light on it might start going crazy and spinning a different way 
  • If you shine equal amounts of blue and red light you might find that the atom is balanced in a very calm and zen-like state 


I'm using these analogies to explain what's happening at the subatomic level. When you have a quantized food, the information from the sun has been coated with the photons into the electrons of the food. It is the same as the sunlight that's hitting your eyes and your skin.


The simple takeaway is that the sun is shining on a particular plant, an animal, and it's imparting its energy and what we're trying to do is make everything consistent. So we're eating food from a certain environment, we're getting sun exposure from the same environment, and everything is quantized and in alignment with each other. But because of globalization, we're importing a lot of fruits, vegetables, meats, and seafood from overseas. So for instance, you could be in the middle of winter but you are eating imported bananas from the Philippines. Those bananas are grown under a very different sun vs the one you are currently in. Then the body is confused.- Kriben Govender


Another example is spinach in the UK. In the winter we get it from Spain or Italy. Spain and Italy sit at a different latitude to the UK:


  • The UK is at 52 degrees
  • Spain is around 30 degrees 

    It’s a huge difference! Think about the sun's energy in terms of a light barcode. This barcode gets stored in the electron which is spinning around the nucleus of the atom. The atoms make up everything that you are about to eat. This is a form of information. So say for an avocado, Instagram is full of avocado toast posts but avocados do not grow in the UK, they come from the other side of the world. When you eat an avocado, even though it has good fats and minerals, you’re really confusing the body. It all comes back to your mitochondria because your mitochondria are highly sensitive listening organelles. Imagine them like an intelligence listening center, they hear all the whispers. 


    And they are constantly feeding in these electromagnetic frequencies. For millions of years, they've only had the ones from the sun which go from UV light to infrared light. They've had the human resonance which is a low-frequency hum that comes from the earth. We are “yoked” to these two sets of frequencies:


    - We've got the sun above 

    - We've got the ground underneath

    - And we're connected like a circuit


    When you detach this process you get disease. So when you're eating an avocado, living in London, you're telling your mitochondria what time it is and where you are geo-located (like a GPS system). So the light coming in from your eyes is saying “hey you're in London” but your food is telling your mitochondria “actually I think you were grown in Chile”. This creates inflammation and chaos within the mitochondria. So if you're healthy, you can carry on doing that for a while but I wouldn't recommend it. And if you have a chronic disease, like autoimmunity or cancer, that's a bad idea because you're already dysregulated.  Your mitochondria listens to all of the light frequencies and it helps it to tell the time. When your cells can't tell time properly that's when you get a serious mitochondrial disease. The latest figure for cancer in the UK is 1 in 2 people.


    I mean there's something seriously wrong with the way that we are living today because no other species has to face the reality of a 50% risk of cancer. And that is just cancer,  then we have autoimmunity, type 2 diabetes, and mental health issues. Regarding mental health, if you don’t have enough output from your ATP nanomotors in your neurons in your brain,  how are you expected to focus? Many people suffer from brain fog and forgetfulness today. That’s not just the deuterium that's building up in the mitochondria, that's also because of the electromagnetic frequencies from wireless technology. 

    wifi 5g and radiation

    Wifi, 5G, and EMF’s

    Your WIFI and 5g is a bad idea for our health. It’s convenient to get Netflix downloaded but it's going to have some huge implications to our health going forward. When we went from 1g to 4g wireless technology, all four of them work in essentially the same way. You have a telephone mast and then you've got a transmitter on it and it broadcasts the frequency in waves. It’s like you drop a pebble into a pond and it ripples out. 

    5g is completely different because it’s a laser pointing directly at you. A laser is essentially a photon gun, so you're firing out photons in a very narrow beam and they go far a very long distance. 5g is the same except it's using microwave radiation. The same technology you have in your microwave oven which is around 2.4 gigahertz and that's the same as Wifi. The only difference is power. Your Wifi takes a 12 or 15 volt charger to power it and your microwave oven takes 250 volts but it's the same thing. And your brain is getting microwaved constantly.

    The frequency bands that are going to be used are going to be much higher. Initially, the 5g wireless technologies are going to start at the sub 6 gigahertz range so it'll be very similar in terms of your wi-fi on the spectrum perspective. Eventually, they'll start getting higher and higher and they can even go up to 120 gigahertz. This feels like a jackhammer to your mitochondria. And the mitochondria work in a very balanced way with the electric flow. Wherever you have a flow of electrons in a line you automatically have a magnetic field that right angles to it. So electric flow > magnetic field > electromagnetic fields (EMFs). When our cells do their job, the mitochondria are tunneling the electrons and protons and they're making ATP, they create their own little electromagnetic fields and they're very subtle. 

    When you're exposed and bombarded from outside constantly with electromagnetic radiation, it disrupts the flow and the inner workings. This causes a drop in your energy output, when you get a drop in output you get a drop in voltage you get a drop in energy and that's expressing itself on the physical level as a disease. You're not going to be able to protect yourself and escape it completely, but they are layers of things you can do that can make considerable reductions to your exposure and that's what it's all about. 

    I want to highlight that mitochondria are in every cell, aside from red blood cells, but certainly, all the other organs have mitochondria. And if they're not producing enough energy because they're being disrupted by things like EMFs or deuterium, then we could potentially end up with dysfunction in that particular organ site. If it's the brain then it's a neurodegenerative function, if it's the heart something like heart disease, if it's in the gut it could be a leaky gut or some sort of gastrointestinal dysfunction, in the lungs, you may get lung cancer. So this is important information for people to take. The modern world is really setting us up for failure in terms of disease but hopefully with this information we are empowered to make changes.-Kriben Govender

    Cold Thermogenesis

    To lay the foundation, CT works best for people who have an uncoupled haplotype. It works best in people with northern European ancestry. You get your mitochondria from your mother so for most people, it's a case of slowly exposing yourself to cold. That’s what we would have done as we emerged from Africa and started making our way into the northern climates in Europe. We would have been exposed to cold all the time and it would have been seasonal. So when it's December in the UK and it's very cold outside, it's a benefit to your health to expose yourself to that cold temperature. That is a circadian rhythm-setting process that tells your cells “hey you're in the UK.” 

    Think about what happens when you put a bottle of water in the freezer > it expands and it's the opposite of what happens with most other substances. The water is unique in this way and as it expands it stretches out the bottle. Imagine your mitochondria is the bottle and your mitochondria have a double membrane, like a double pillow-case. The layers between the pillow-cases need to come closer in contact, so that is like every single nanometer coming closer together and you get an exponential increase in efficiency. There's less distance for those subatomic particles to travel so when you're cold it expands and you have more energy and your mitochondria function better. Once you combine them with a fasting protocol and a ketogenic diet (which is what is advisable in this latitude) you start to see multiple benefits.

    My protocol has been tried on myself first and for somebody who's always been relatively slim but never quite had my abs visible, they are now. Now I do my sauna therapy and then after that, I'll jump into a cold shower for two minutes and then I'll go back to the sauna. What I'm doing is constantly shrinking and expanding this exclusion zone water which is a special type of “jelly water”, that's inside the mitochondrial membrane. As it does that, it helps to flush out some of the toxins.

    7 Step Recap

    1. Light & Energy- Energy (electromagnetic fields) is light. If you google the EMF spectrum, you'll see what the spectrum is. At one end you've got cosmic rays from outer space and the other end you've got radio waves. We use them for radio communication and all of them are photons, that's what carries the wave but we only see this narrow band called visible light. This is why I put light and energy as number 1. 
    1. Water- water is a battery and you don't want to be drinking any water with fluoride in it.
    1. Sleep- underrated and very important
    1. Nutrition- eating a diet for the region you’re in
    1. Structure- this is your biomechanics. I work with my patients to get their posture as upright and as aligned as possible. Because your nerve transmissions work with photons and so if you are not aligned properly it's like a bottleneck of energy up and down the body.  
    1. Lifestyle- factors like your social circles, your work-life balance, movement, exercise, and whether you smoke or drink. All these things you have to be so careful about. It all has an impact on your mental health. 
    1. Psycho-Spiritual-  this is to help cover everything, like seeing a therapist.


    What is One Thing You Can Do To Improve Your Gut Health?

    It all comes back to sunlight. Get out more, make sure you do it safely and make sure that you work with a quantum clinician so you can be educated on how to do that.

    Remember to eat locally grown food, get blue light blocking glasses, safeguard yourself against 5G and wifi, and soak in the sunshine each and every morning! Share this with a friend that can benefit from this information!

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