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8 Benefits of Kakadu Plums

8 Benefits of Kakadu Plums

Did you know that Australia is home to one of the world’s most vitamin c rich fruits? 

We’re talking here about a fruit that is 100 x more potent than oranges. That’s 3000% more than your daily needs. 

Yep, it’s a local super-fruit called the Kakadu Plum

While these aren’t as available as your local lemon tree, there are other ways you can easily include this fruit into your diet and reap some pretty eye-opening health benefits. One such way is through Kakadu Plum powder. But more on that later. 

What is it and where does it come from?

The Kakadu Plum, also known to the scientific community as Terminalia ferdinandiana, is a local Aussie plum, which biologically speaking, is actually closer to the almond family than your typical fruit - like an apple for example. Here's why these plums are a real people pleaser:

1. Nutritional boost

With 150–450 milligrams of natural vitamin C per gram, this fruit is a nutrition boost straight from the heavens. It’s literally the most Vitamin C-rich food around. It’s also rich in fibre and other minerals. If you’re struggling to include the right amount of fruit in your diet, including Kakadu Plum is sure to give you the right boost you need. 

2. Kakadu plums help soothe headaches

In ancient times, indigenous communities in northern Australia used the Kakadu Plum as a food source as well as for its medicinal purposes. The indigenous people knew how good this little bundle of nutrition was, and used it for multiple purposes including as a soothing balm - especially for headaches.

3. Beauty + skincare 

Science is very clear on this one. Kakadu Plum is an antioxidant powerhouse. And being packed with so many antioxidants, Kakadu Plums are essentially the skincare and beauty industry's new best friend. You'll see evidence of this in the host of new beauty products that claim it as a core ingredient. 

4. Powerful anti-inflammatory 

With a high tannin content, Kakadu plums are full of what is called ‘ellagitannins’ which are a type of ellagic acid that protects against inflammatory diseases like Rheumatoid arthritis. Science tells us that Kakadu Plum extracts actually inhibit the growth of cells that trigger rheumatoid arthritis. 

5. Antibacterial properties 

This trooper of a fruit has strong links to being able to annihilate food-borne illnesses. It’s no wonder the indigenous Australian populations found it so useful, this plum has in some cases a 93% success rate against bacterial growth. 

6. Heals cuts and infection

Another throwback to our friends in indigenous Australia, who thousands of years ago, successfully used Kakadu plum as an antiseptic for wounds and cuts - cutting out disease-causing microorganisms. As if that wasn’t enough - it’s also known to ease fungal infections and reduce swelling. 

7. Helps digestion 

Full of fibre and double carbohydrates, this small fruit is an excellent influence over the digestive forces, and with all its nutrients can boost gut health. 

8. Improves hair health 

Kakadu Plum acts as a moisturiser to your hair by regulating collagen and elastin levels - two main ingredients for luscious hair. You’ll also see more and more hair shampoos and conditioners including it for its soft, smoothing effect. 

How to include Kakadu Plum into your diet 

With Kakadu Plum powder, anything is possible. It’s a popular addition to morning juices, cereal or smoothie bowls, and porridge. But it’s also common in desserts and sauces. The trick is to pair with a food you love and then get creative. Some ideas to get your brain ticking:

  • Kakadu Plum ice cream
  • Kakadu-chia seed smoothie bowl
  • Kakadu plum jam
  • Ginger/Cashew/Kakadu energy balls

The Verdict

If you’re lacking vitamin C in your diet, Kakadu Plum is more than just a fix. It’s a vigorous boost of minerals, vitamins, and an important and dense source of fibre, and along with its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, it makes for a powerful addition to any meal you find it tastes good in.

Wait! Where to buy Kakadu Plum powder?

When it comes to buying the Kakadu Plum powder online, make sure you’re buying local and organic. At Nourishme Organics, we go right to the source by getting our hands on the finest pure Kakadu Plum powder available. It’s 100% Australian-made, free from any additives, and ready to kick-start your health. Order yours online today.

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