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What is deuterium depleted water?

What is deuterium depleted water?

Whether you’ve heard of it or not, deuterium is found all over the world. So what is it exactly? Deuterium is one of two isotopes of hydrogen that is twice as heavy as the normal isotope. Deuterium contains one proton and one neutron and differs from the normal isotope which has zero neutrons. Also known as heavy hydrogen, it averages roughly at 1 atom per 6,420 hydrogen atoms. Deuterium is found in water everywhere, and within the world’s oceans it has a concentration of about 150-160 parts per million (ppm). Essentially, all water has some deuterium in it, but a very, very small amount.

Deuterium depleted water is where there is either a naturally low occurring level of deuterium or deuterium has been extracted from the water. Our bodies and other organisms naturally deplete deuterium and keep a safe level of roughly 100 ppm. But with age or consistent exposure to higher levels of deuterium through diet, food sources, and other external factors such as environment, organisms can react in negative ways. While deuterium is useful for normal cell life, too much can speed up the growth of cancerous cells or even cause cellular damage. 

Why is less deuterium good for cell life?

One of the main connections between your cell’s health and this heavy isotope is through the slowing down of kinetic energy production within cells. Essentially, our cells rely on lighter hydrogen for fast and efficient chemical reactions. A higher presence of deuterium makes this process slower and hence impacts on key functions such as DNA replication and repair. 

Inside our cells, mitochondria are small nano-motors that create energy and metabolic water which is necessary for life. These nano-motors are powered by hydrogen, however when deuterium levels increase the higher viscosity acts as a brake on the speed of these motors, decreasing energy and metabolic water production. The more nano-motors are impacted, the more tired and fatigued we become. Deuterium depleted water is better for cell function and can prevent cancerous cells from growing, delivering higher energy levels and better sleep cycles. 

Is deuterium depleted water good for you?

Deuterium depleted water is thought to be key in reducing fatigue by optimising mitochondrial function and producing higher energy levels that in turn lower the chances of chronic fatigue. Deuterium depleted water means there is less chance of higher deuterium entering your body in the first place. When the body becomes less efficient at depleting deuterium on its own due to age or a history of cellular damage, deuterium depletion can be an effective solution to regaining control of your energy levels.

Higher levels of deuterium impact the mitochondrial function, this is also where your body burns through fat and carbohydrates. As such, healthy mitochondria are key in preventing several disorders such as weight gain, diabetes, mental health problems, and brain function. Lowering deuterium in the water we drink can have a critical impact on the health of our cells and overall well-being. 

How is deuterium depleted water made?

There are various methods for creating deuterium depleted water. While some are more effective than others, it is possible to deplete deuterium at home by partially freezing water and discarding the ice. However, this is extremely time-consuming and results may vary depending on the environment. Deuterium depletion happens naturally through the water cycle when water vapour evaporates from the earth’s surface the lighter hydrogen is favoured and will rise leaving the heavier deuterium concentrate behind. This is partially why most deuterium is found in the oceans. This process results in less deuterium being found at higher altitudes and further away from the coast.

Scientific methods for deuterium depletion can follow a number of procedures, a common method being fractional distillation, a high cost, and slow process, the isotopic vacuum distillation technique, and various other approaches are also used.

Where to buy deuterium depleted water?

Buying deuterium depleted water can be expensive, however, if bought in bulk some shipping costs can be avoided, and depending on the type, you may find more positive results with a particular product. 

While deuterium depleted water can be found all over the internet, you may want to stick to brands that you know and trust, with startups springing up all over the world claiming a low deuterium content, it’s good to listen to the science and be proactive in filtering through information. 

At Nourishme Organics we offer two high-quality deuterium depleted products that are available at our online store: Low D and Preventa both have significantly lower deuterium with 136 and 25 ppm respectively.

Which one is right for me?

Depending on your diet and other external factors, you may want to consider trying a few different products with varying levels and test your energy levels over a period of time. Substituting, or dilating tap water with deuterium depleted water is the fastest way to achieve a lower deuterium count, while other methods such as diet are slower reacting. If you are suffering from chronic fatigue and want to see if deuterium can help in relieving some of the exhaustion then combining a low deuterium diet and lifestyle with a low deuterium water substitute can be the most effective way of seeing the benefits. While Preventa is extremely low in deuterium it can be on the costly side to buy in bulk. On the other hand, Low D is more widely available. At Nourishme Organics, we consistently test our batches of Low D to ensure it is 136 ppm or lower

Long term benefits of deuterium depleted water

Consuming low deuterium foods and liquids help reduce stress on cellular function and can greatly reduce fatigue over the long term. Other deuterium depletion methods like eating a balanced diet, exercising, breathing fresh air, are also key to general well-being. Deuterium aside, staying healthy over the long term involves many of the same things as what you’d expect from a low deuterium regime. If you’re only just getting started with a new diet, or need a top-up, visit our online store at Nourishme Organics for our full product range and further information.

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