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Products to Boost Your Immunity

Products to Boost Your Immunity

Your immune system is one of the most important cornerstones of human health. It helps protect you from viruses and bacteria that can make you severely sick. Boosting immunity has become a buzz phrase across mainstream health platforms because of its major role in preventing sickness and ensuring balance. A recent scientific study demonstrates that the immune system is far more interconnected and fundamental to human health than first thought. From boosting gut health, which in turn affects mental wellbeing and brain function, to the lymph system which transports oxygen, water, and food to cells - the immune system isn’t a singular entity - it’s a far-reaching web. 

Benefits of a stronger immune system

Boosting your immunity is important if you want to increase your resilience to viruses and bacteria, and improve overall well-being. Choosing products that can easily be incorporated into your diet is key to ensure consistency. Popping some pills to increase iron or zinc levels is a quick fix. Immunity is strongly influenced by our long-term diet choices. Eating foods that help your digestive system and strengthen your immune system will help ward off viruses and disease. Below are 3 products that boost your immune system through promoting higher antioxidant and fibre intake, and of course: promoting gut stronger health.

Kefir drinks and how they improve immune response

Kefir is a fermented milk or water drink that is designed to boost gut health and increase immunity. The delicious milk drink originated from the Caucasus Mountains in southern Russia. Kefir typically ferments overnight at room temperature, making it super easy to make at home. 

Fermented drinks including kefir have enormously positive effects on gut health, which is where between 70% and 80% of immune cells are found. Improving gut health is synonymous with boosting immunity. By introducing healthy and good bacteria into your gut you’re essentially cultivating stronger cells in your digestive tract that can better deal with intruding or foreign bacteria. 

Fermented kefir milk drinks naturally break down the milk proteins during the fermentation process, removing casein which is what makes milk hard for some people to digest. People who are lactose intolerant may find it a lot easier to digest fermented milk products such as kefir.

How can you include kefir in your daily routine?

Having kefir in the morning after a night’s fermentation is highly recommended. Waiting all day for the fermentation to finish can be off-putting, whereas starting the fermentation in the morning then leaving it until the next morning is ideal. Using our organic Kefir Grain Premix, place the grains into either milk or water, then half screw the lid on to create the perfect environment for fermentation. This process will take only a minute, then leave it for a minimum of 24 hours before serving. Making this routine fit with your other morning breakfast activities is very helpful. Check out our Kefirko Kefir Maker Mega-Kit which comes with a packet of fresh kefir grains and growth pre-mix (choose between milk and water options), along with a handy booklet containing over 30 easy to make recipes; this is a great intro to a stronger immunity diet. 

Kakadu Plum Powder and immunity 

You won’t make it very far reading about immunity without coming across antioxidant-rich foods. They’re the rockstars of healthy immune systems and provide amazing flavour and zest no matter how they’re taken. The Kakadu Plum is perhaps one of the all-stars of Vitamin C content with more than 100  times the amount as oranges. Vitamin C assists in the production of white blood cells which are critical in the eradication of free radicals and infections. Dropping this little flavour bomb into your morning smoothie or muesli can have extraordinary results for flavour and your immune system. 

The traditional owners of this land, the indigenous people, harvest these berries and use them to great effect for improving immunity and making it a centrepiece in a nutrient-rich and sustainable diet. 

Kakadu Plum Powder: enriching our understanding of Australian bush-food. 

With every tasty superfood, there’s a story that transcends its immediate health benefits. At Nourishme Organics, we are intent on delivering the highest quality product with deep reverence to the history and its origin. Try our 100% Pure Kakadu Plum Powder and see how long it lasts - you may be surprised. All our packaging is sustainable and recyclable, a nod to how these berries were harvested by indigenous populations before us. 

Stronger immunity needn’t be hard

The benefit of using our organic Kakadu Plum Powder is its versatility. Including it in smoothies and breakfast foods such as porridge or muesli is so simple. Kakadu plum extract is a fairly concentrated flavour, so we recommend using a modest pinch or two then tasting. Getting creative is almost a must, with endless baking and smoothie recipe combinations awaiting the curious cook. 

Including Prebiotic Seaweed Granules in your diet

A thorough boost of fibre and iodine is a great prerequisite for boosting your immune system. Our Organic Prebiotic Seaweed Granules are a health kick straight from the ocean. Made from 100% hand-harvested Australian Kelp, these granules will amp up flavour and nutrients in any meal. From savoury to sweet, breakfast to dinner - this prebiotic superfood is as versatile as it gets. 

Prebiotic plus probiotic 

Choosing to integrate both prebiotic and probiotic foods can greatly improve gut health. Prebiotic seaweed will strengthen your immune system while protecting gut health and improving metabolic function. Being a prebiotic substance, seaweed encourages healthy bacteria to grow and flourish in the gut - a perfect side-kick to any probiotic you may already be taking. 

As with most things in life, finding balance is important. While it’s proven to be beneficial to strengthen your gut and immune system through fermented foods, that doesn’t mean they should substitute a balanced varied diet. Including fresh fruit and vegetables in your diet should always be a priority; adding food and drinks that strengthen gut health and the digestive system will make the food you eat more bioavailable and tasty! 

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