Bean Chocolate Mousse

Bean Chocolate Mousse

If you are craving chocolate mousse but want it to be on the healthier side, this recipe is for you! Cannellini beans add a nice creaminess that you would never guess came from a bean! It may not be as creamy as a regular mousse but it is gut friendly and easy to make. This recipe came to us from Carolyn in the Gut Health Guru’s Facebook Group! 


- 1 can of cannellini beans

- 1 bar of lindt 70% chocolate

- Maple syrup

- Milk kefir cream (you can use this kit!)


  1. Drain the can of beans, keeping the liquid for later
  2. Pulse beans in the blender with as little liquid as required until smooth
  3. Melt the chocolate and add it to the bean mixture and blend it again
  4. Add maple syrup to your liking for extra sweetness
  5. In another bowl, beat the excess liquid from the can of beans until it looks like a beaten egg white. You can’t over beat it so do it as long as you need!
  6. Fold one into the other, pour into a bowl, and chill
  7. You can top it with kefir cream (whip some milk kefir until the consistency is creamy) or whipped cream if you want!

Make sure to share your creations with us in the Gut Health Guru’s Facebook Group!

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