Creamy Whitefish Chowder

Creamy Whitefish Chowder

A creamy bowl of soup is a nourishing addition to a cold day. This recipe is easy and delicious! When you combine whitefish, heavy cream, and sauerkraut (for added probiotic benefits), you end up with a beautiful soup. You can also add any type of herbs or spices that you like. This recipe came to us from Mai in the Gut Health Guru’s Facebook Group!




- 2 slabs of skinned whitefish, cut in 1 inch cubes

- 4 tsp butter

- 1 can cod liver in own oil

- 1 big onion, diced

- 1 pint heavy cream

- 1 1/2 cup sauerkraut (you can use this kit to make it!) 

- Salt, herbs, spices for taste (dill and thyme would be great!)


  1. Sauté onions and 1 cup sauerkraut in butter (use a big pan or a thick pot)
  2. Add the whitefish and cook through. 
  3. Add cream, cod liver chunks and all the oil, bring it to boil.
  4. Add the salt, herbs and spices of your choosing 
  5. When it’s cooled down enough (so the heat won’t kill probiotics and enzymes), add the other half cup of sauerkraut.

Make sure to share your creations with us in the Gut Health Guru’s Facebook Group!

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