6 Pack - High Pressure Clear Glass Second Fermentation Bottles with caps (330ml)

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6 bottles (330ml) and 6 lids Included so you can mix and match with your favourite combinations.  The perfect high quality pressure graded bottles for safely second fermenting Water Kefir or...

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6 bottles (330ml) and 6 lids Included so you can mix and match with your favourite combinations.  The perfect high quality pressure graded bottles for safely second fermenting Water Kefir or Kombucha.

What is Second Fermentation?

Second fermentation is an additional fermentation step to add excitement to your brew. Sugars are converted to acid and carbon dioxide gas which generates a huge amount of pressure, that's enough to cause cheap, low quality bottles to explode. This is why we launched these high quality bottles.

You can experiment with a range of different juices, whole fruit pieces, honey, herbs, spices and superfoods to create an endless range of different flavour and nutritional combinations. The fermentation helps to unlock nutritional compounds in your foods, making them more bioavailable but most appealing is it creates the most delicious probiotic fizzy drinks, low in sugar and much more economical and probiotic rich than store bought products.

How to Second Ferment Kombucha or Water Kefir

  1. Once you've fermented your kombucha or water kefir, mix in a jug, 1 part fruit juice with 9 parts Kombucha/ Water Kefir + any spices and superfood like turmeric, acai, spirulina, maca, matcha etc + any herbs like mint, basil etc.  There are lots of recipes ideas in our free NourishmeOrganics GutHealth Gurus Group here
  2. Pour Mixture into Second Ferment Bottle, leaving 3 to 5 cm headspace and cap tightly.
  3. Leave at room temperature for 2 to 7 days depending on the weather at the time i.e a warmer temperature will result in a faster second ferment ( the longer you leave the less sugar will be left but your brew will be more sour and potentially higher in alcohol). We recommend tasting your brew daily to establish the taste that you like, and at this point you can end the ferment. Tasting is a good way to remind you to open and release any excess pressure in the bottle.
  4. Transfer brew to a refrigerator to chill.
  5. Open and Serve*

*Caution: Water kefir and Kombucha Second Ferments may become very fizzy so be careful when opening lid after fermentation  

**Advisory Statement

All fermented foods may contain trace amounts of alcohol.  If fermented foods are being prepared for children, breastfeeding mothers, or pregnant women please seek medical advice from a trained medical practitioner before consuming these products.  

To keep alcohol as low as possible, make sure that:
  • first ferment was conducted with lid slightly open 
  • the first ferment is sour to taste
  • use no more than 25ml fruit juice per 250ml
  • second ferment for 48 hours max, chill and consume within 24 hours ( you will not get as much fizz but alcohol will be as low as possible)
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Customer Reviews

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A f. (Brisbane, AU)

Great bottles. Just the right size too.

Thank you for your kind review! We're so happy to hear that you love our bottles and find them to be the perfect size. We appreciate your support and hope you continue to enjoy them for all your second fermentation needs. Cheers!

Mila (Melbourne, AU)

I use these bottles for my water kefir second ferment and they do the job perfectly.

We're so happy to hear that our High Pressure Clear Glass Second Fermentation Bottles are working perfectly for your water kefir second ferment. Thank you for sharing your positive experience with us. Cheers to delicious and bubbly drinks!

Richard B. (Melbourne, AU)
Great bottles

Purchased these bottles for our home made lemon cello, and they did the job perfectly.

Thank you for the feedback! We're glad to hear that our high pressure clear glass second fermentation bottles with caps were a great choice for your lemon cello.

Palina U. (Perth, AU)
Not arrived

The item still has not arrived

We're sorry for the delay in your order. Our transport carriers are busier than usual due to Black Friday and Christmas Period. Thank you for your patience!

Lois R. (Central Coast, AU)

Very useful for Kombucha - handy size for one person. Can create a variety of different flavours from one batch.

Thanks for the review! We're glad to hear that these bottles are useful for kombucha and that they can create a variety of different flavors from one batch.