Second Fermentation

6 Pack- Wide Mouth Clear Glass Second Fermentation Bottles - 250ml

Homebrew Clear Glass Wide Mouth Beverage Bottle 250ml Nourishmeorganics

6 Bottles and 6 lids Included so you can mix and match with your favourite combinations.

The perfect high quality bottle for safely second fermenting Milk Kefir.

These bottles have a wide mouth which is suitable for second fermenting milk kefir and adding larger fruit pieces.

What is Second Fermentation?

Second fermentation is an additional fermentation step to add excitement to your brew. Sugars are converted to acid and carbon dioxide gas. 

You can experiment with a range of different juices, whole fruit pieces, herbs, spices, honey and superfoods to create an endless range of different flavour and nutritional combinations. The fermentation helps to unlock nutritional compounds in your foods, making them more bioavailable but most appealing is it creates the most delicious probiotic milk kefir, low in lactose and much more economical and probiotic rich than store bought products.

How to Second Ferment Milk Kefir

  1. Once you've fermented your milk kefirmix in a jug, milk kefir + honey + fruit pieces + any spices and superfood like turmeric, acai, spirulina, maca, matcha chia seeds etc + any herbs like mint, basil, nuts etc. We recommend starting with a small piece of lemon or orange peel or a couple of fresh berries. You can even make a savoury version using garlic, pepper and herbs. The flavour combinations are endless. So have a play. There are lots of recipes ideas in our free NourishmeOrganics VIP Group here
  2. Pour Mixture into Second Ferment Bottle and cap tightly.
  3. Leave at room temperature for 1 to 4 hours.
  4. Transfer brew to a refrigerator to chill.
  5. Open and Serve.

Caution: Second Ferments may become very fizzy so be careful when opening lid after fermentation  

**Advisory Statement

All fermented foods may contain trace amounts of alcohol.  If fermented foods are being prepared for children, breastfeeding mothers, or pregnant women please seek medical advice from a trained medical practitioner before consuming these products.  

To keep alcohol as low as possible, make sure that:
- first ferment was conducted with lid slightly open
- the first ferment is sour to taste
- use no more than 25ml fruit juice or 25g fruit per 250ml
- second ferment for 48 hours max, chill and consume within 24 hours ( you will not get as much fizz but alcohol will be as low as possible)
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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Wide mouth clear glass second ferment bottles

Perfect for 2nd ferment kefir! Great size for morning smoothies

Wonderful Heidi
250ml Second Ferment Bottles

I really like the size of the 250ml bottles since we don't need to drink a gallon of probiotics, it is just the right amount. With repeated use, I don't know how long the seal will last on the bottle's course thread as the lid needs to be screwed down tight to stop it from popping off. I would imagine repeated use may squash the seal... maybe I will require more lids at some stage. I'm very happy at this point in time.

Thank you Grant. We appreciate your kind review

Perfect size for doing multiple different flavoured second ferment of my coconut kefir.


6 Pack- Wide Mouth Clear Glass Second Fermentation Bottles - 250ml


Thank you for your wonderful customer service and great product